The Golden Voice Of Silence

They dated for over a year before they got married and theirs was a love affair straight out of a romance novel.

The first time she suspected Yinka of infidelity was three years after their wedding. The day she asked him about a certain lady he was speaking with on phone and he responded, “… a friend”. She knew most of his friends or so she thought. “Ah, ah, who is this friend?” she asked lightly. He turned an angry face at her and asked, “why all these questions?” And stalked off.

There were other instances when she saw him with something new, the answer to her queries was always the same, “… a friend”. After a while, she stopped asking and decided to mind her business. “I cannot come and kill myself and die young” (sic) she told herself.

She confided in a friend who simply told her, “report him to God, pray until something happens” and she did just that. In the quietness of her closet on her knees, she will lift her spouse to God and go about her day with an inner peace. She often thought it was because of their childless situation but she knew deep down that her fruit of the womb would come one day.

How did she end up at the Police Station?

She went with her friend to the mall to catch a movie after work. Lo and behold, she met her husband live with a pregnant woman in his arms. On seeing her, he froze on the spot, appearing like the situation was too much for him to handle. She stood staring at him, not saying a word. The pregnant lady on seeing her started insulting her, calling her names and created quite a scene. Her friends joined in the insults while she just stood looking.

What happened next was something no one could explain. The pregnant lady shouted loudly, squirmed in discomfort and fainted. So, there she was at the Police Station writing a statement of what happened. Exodus 14:14 crossed her mind as she handed the paper to the IPO sitting opposite her.

What wars have you won with your words of faith? What is your closet experience? Do share with us in the comments section to bless other sisters.

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