The Good, The Better And The Best

That’s really how we should grow, from 1 to 2 to 3; step by step, precept upon precept. The statement “life is in stages and men are in sizes” applies to us as individuals and as business entities. It’s a not-very-obvious trend that entities climax with ease in our climes. You would know one or two businesses that sprang up, made the headlines, pulled the crowd and bests but check out such thrived entities a few years afterward… the shine’s dulled. For some the glory days are gone with the wind never to return again. The good hands and brains they attracted have ‘rebased’ – like when the going gets tough, the tough vamoose.

But you have to keep on keeping on as a business and entrepreneur that is goal-driven. If you are in the category of those that lose their shine when the ovation is loudest, consider the pageant on the ‘to’ trip on a runway that drops off into the crowd when the audience is agog with admiration and she is yet to do the return trip on the runway. Or the plane laden with its cargo that never gets to its destination while there is more consignment waiting at the other end and expectations of delivery at both ends of its trip. Imagine the disappointments.

Sustainability and longevity are the reasons why business experts always call for long term plans. Long term plans engender long term growth. As such, plans lapse with the achievement of the set targets and effluxion of time, they must be renewed to maintain the vivacity and drive that is borne by vision.

Why do you think some organizations, mostly outside the 3rd world, have been up, running and growing for over a hundred years? The founders of such entities are long gone, only immortalized by their vision. What did these “immortal” entrepreneurs do differently? Did they run their venture selflessly? Were they profit or people-oriented? Did they strategize and plan for eventualities? Did they think long term? Was their objective daily bread for self and family, school fees, a good vacation and when the burden of school fees was over, the drive to achieve the plans of the business and move it to the next level nosedives?

As captains in our respective industries, we are not expected to jump ship or run the ship aground at our convenience. This smacks of criminality and irresponsibility. It may be unforgivable. You have built a brand and a customer base which reflects confidence and trust reposed in your brand – your level of importance has soared beyond your humble imaginations. Succession planning and change of baton must also happen at some point so that your beloved customers and clients are not left high and dry like the proverbial sheep without a shepherd.

Responsibility to your customers and clients that are now stuck on your goods and services should be reason enough for you to do all reasonably possible to keep the wind in the sail, flags flying, crews delivering and ship ahoy!!!

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  1. Brand, rebrand if need be. Reinvent yourself, reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, you may need to borrow, beg or steal (not advisable) to get to your destination. Don’t whet people’ appetite with your products and then tomorrow, you are not around.

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