The Great Electrician

I want to thank God for being a faithful Father. Truly, He looks after His Word until it accomplishes what He has purposed.

We got married almost 2 years ago, moved into our place & we got a power supply inverter. Fortunately for us, we live on the best street in Nigeria because our power supply is probably the best. We literally turn on the generator just to warm the batteries so they don’t rundown.

God blessed us with fruit of the womb recently and we had to travel out of the country for delivery. Prior to our departure our inverter would last at least 12 hours. We spent about 3 months outside the country. When we got back our inverter batteries had rundown & wouldn’t last up to an hour after power outage.

Our baby was not enjoying the lifestyle, it seemed like we had lied to him about the power situation back home. We called the inverter guy to enquire about the cost for new batteries. At N130k per battery, we decided to spend money on diesel instead.

A few days later, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Psalm 8:6, “You gave man charge over everything you made, putting all things under their authority”. Immediately afterwards, my wife & I prayed & agreed on the inverter issue. We reminded God of His creative powers, authority & declared that the inverter would be revived.

As at today, to God’s glory, the inverter batteries have been restored. Power was out for about 12 hours on a certain day, we were on inverter & it didn’t indicate any strain all through.

God has given us authority & I wish to encourage you that the Word works, our words have power.

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