The HolySpirit And Your Assignment

Though naked & crying, we were born into this world, each one of us is loaded with at least a gift, a ‘natural gift’. God packaged something in you, in your make-up. Your package is connected to your purpose & assignment in life. You may not need to be a Christian to deploy that gift. It’s innate & some call it ‘talent’.

Your assignment is your area of service in life. You have value in your gifts to offer our world. There has never been anyone like you created & none after you. God is unique like that!

When you’ve developed your talents & gifts to an extent, it is then called a ‘skill’. You are not a liability, you’re one designed to be a solution provider with the gift you’ve been given from above. You can use your gifts to serve ‘satan’ or ‘humanity’. Until it’s yielded to God, it’s not serving a divine purpose.

Daniel & Joseph had the gift of dreams just like some of us. What’s your gift? When the HolySpirit became involved, they left the realm of ordinary dreams into prophecies.

From Acts 1:8, we received power to make us effective witnesses. From there, the phrase “marketplace ministers’ was coined. It means that we take the power of the HolySpirit into our spheres of influence. A witness bears testimony of what has been seen or personally experienced.

The HolySpirit (God dwelling in us) now gives us gifts so we can fulfill our divine assignment in life. Your assignment is your purpose in life. It’s your area of service. A golden cup remains only a golden cup until it’s dedicated unto God. Then, it becomes an anointed vessel & God’s property.

Yielding your gifts & skills to the HolySpirit is where the anointing is deposited on your skills. With the help of the HolySpirit, you can achieve extraordinary results and live an extraordinary life (Joel 2:28).

In Act 9, Paul of Tarsus had a gift & passion he was using for satan. Paul didn’t know he was using his gifts wrongly until he met Christ on his way to wreck more havoc in Damascus. So, in Gal 2:7-9, Apostle Paul wrote about his calling.

If you can sing, your songs can be anointed. Your leadership & management can also be anointed. The anointing is needed in your ministry & in your daily life endeavors to be a high-flyer.

As a marketplace minister, you should deploy spiritual gifts on your job & in your business. May the Lord fill you with His Spirit (Act 2:1-4) & use you for His glory, in business, ministry, career, etc.

However, you can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit without an intimate relationship with Jesus. He longs to be in your life. Please say this prayer and mean it, “Dear Jesus, I invite you into my life today to be my Lord and Savior. Forgive my of my sins and write my name in the Book of Life.

If you said that prayer, we would like to say, ” Congratulations on making the single, most important decision on your life”. Please let us know by sending us a mail at we would like to keep in touch with you and walk along with you in this new redirection of your life’s journey.

Do have splendid week ahead and remember, “The HolySpirit is in YOU, so go on, keep doing Christ-like exploits and living the extraordinary Christ-cultured lifestyle”.


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