The Influence Of G-Shock

Jerry had a G-Shock. You know what a G-Shock is, right? A sweet timepiece that looks like it came out of the Men In Black franchise. What Jerry didn’t know was that just like Will Smith in that movie, his issues could time travel.

It all started during Jerry’s childhood. During lunchtime he would play ball with the other kids, and because he was so great at it, sometimes Tade, the school bully would rough him up for causing him to lose. Jerry grew weary of the constant intimidation, and soon he gave up on the game. He would stare at his G-Shock and wish for a time when he was bigger and stronger…

10 years later, Jerry was 18 and he was bigger, and he was stronger. Now, whenever he sensed intimidation, his defenses would kick in, and rather than try to resolve things peacefully, he would aggressively lash out. Jerry’s aggression soon became the bane of all his relationships. Because he felt that anyone who had opposing views was a bully. He never allowed himself see things from others’ perspectives, or take correction.

Time Jump to 100level, Jerry had a girlfriend. His friends used to tease him and say he was whipped, nothing more than a mobile handbag. Truly he was heavily invested in the relationship. But all good things… She broke Jerry’s heart and because of that period of time Jerry concluded that to show affection to a woman was weakness that would end badly. So he gazed at his G-Shock and waited for revenge.

Jerry met the woman that would become his wife when he was 26. She was a Proverbs 31 woman, but as far as Jerry was concerned, she was no better than Jezebel. Jerry proposed and did all the things that were required of him. But rather than loving her as Christ loves the church, he perpetuated the Genesis 3.16 curse, and became a tyrant in the marriage. Particularly to his son…

Rewind to infancy, Jerry never knew his Father. He up and left before Jerry could utter the words ‘daddy’. So Jerry had to learn many things on his own. Decades later when Jerry achieved success, he considered himself a true ‘self made man’ and he mistakenly attributed his achievements to the fact that he never had a father figure. So in Jerry’s warped sense of what a man needs to survive, he believed depriving his son of affection was a surefire way to toughen him up and make him prosper.

Fast forward through a few years and you would see that though Jerry could afford to shower his family with expensive G-Shocks, he wasn’t giving them quality time. And the relationships soon turned sour. Today, Jerry is a bitter 70-year old, with no friends and a family that avoids him. All because he allowed the past to negatively affect his future. He thought he was adapting but in fact he was evolving into a monster.

Time was never meant to influence man. God exists out of time, and being made in His image means that we have the same mindset. The Holy Spirit alone is permitted to shape our lives, not time. So look upon your G-Shock, are you allowing a time in your past rule your present? Or making future decisions based upon present situations that will pass with time?

Proverbs says that He will help us understand the seasons, understanding means that we will master the periods of our lives, they will not master us. So the next time you put on that G-Shock, remember that you own it, it doesn’t own you.

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