The Influential Entrepreneur

Donald started his foray in business as soon as he finished his youth service. He’s tried his hands on a couple of ventures that failed but his passion for entrepreneurship kept him trying. He eventually stumbled upon the printing business which he went into, gave his best and today, the business has grown very rapidly.

Donald’s greatest challenge has been the high churn of human resource. They keep coming in and leaving the business. The frustration made him stop training his team since he’s not sure if they’ll stay or not. He couldn’t get them to commit to a single year. He noticed that they got trained, learned the nitty gritty of the business only to leave for a competing organization.

Despite the threats and frustrations of churn, every entrepreneur leads an upwardly mobile team, no matter how small. By leading such a team, you have the opportunity of influencing them positively. Starting a business or pioneering a project offers the opportunity to inspire the people working with you to newer heights. Without the capacity to influence your team to achieving your set objectives, your business cannot maximize its potentials. It becomes increasingly difficult to see those dreams come true if you can’t influence people to give their heart, minds and energy towards it.

When people work for you, their joy shouldn’t just be their monthly take home. Rather, it should be what they eventually become in the process. Your organization should have both formal and informal structures. These are the main fulcrums on which all relationships within the organization run. Aside the formal structure, great influencers in the marketplace leverage the informal as well. Your people should have the opportunity of attaining their full potential as a result of the relationship they have with you.

Entrepreneurship is a window of opportunities to influence people to the point where they become invaluable assets to your organization. Your people should attest to value added to them and the changes happening in their individual lives. The opportunity to lead a team to pioneer a new project to a remarkable landmark and successful conclusion is a beautiful experience for the entire team. In the process show them ways to grow in their lives and how to handle challenges, problems and setbacks. Learn to communicate valuable leasons in life and business.

Many entrepreneurs limit their influence by actions or inactions. Be deliberate about your influence. When people who have faithfully served leave your organization, depending on the circumstances, never discard the relationship, it will be useful some day.

The influential entrepreneur is deliberate about his/her life, business and spirituality. Jealously guide your part to greater influence in life.

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