The Intern 2

Temidayo walked to her station as usual, not too sure of things anymore. Ever since the day Kenny (her ex) walked up to her desk, her excitement had died down. This was not what she bargained for. She thought of confiding in the HR Manager but she did not even know how to broach the subject so she went about her job as diligently as possible and avoided him as much too.

Aside from the fact that Kenny is a management staff, she discovered the MD was also his uncle. Talk of a situation! She loved him but could not trust him because of his incessant cheating and the last time, she even caught him in the act.

“Hello” someone jerked her out of her thought. She turned round to see the Admin Manager.

“Do you know that part of your job entails that you supervise the cleaners to make sure they do their jobs properly? Don’t forget that you have to make sure the daily newspaper gets to the M.D’s table as well.”

“Yes, Ma” Temidayo answered. As the Manager turned to leave, she spun around and said “the M.D is expecting some visitors. Please make sure you walk them to the M.D’s office yourself.” Temidayo just nodded and sat back at her desk.

Starting to get immersed in her work, another person walked up to her, this time, a supervisor in the procurement department and asked her to get him a cup of coffee from the canteen.

“Excuse me?” She asked. The guy just looked at her coldly and walked away.

“Is this part of my job?” Temidayo wondered. And this was not actually the first time such requests were directed at her. She had been asked to settle scuttles between the drivers; carry stationery from the truck to the store; distribute stationery among different departments and all sorts of other things.

Plus, the condescending way some of the staff speak with her, especially Amaka – the one who prided herself on being the most beautiful lady in the organization and whom she got to know had an eye on Kenny.

She did not know who to talk to about those other activities and wondered if she should speak with the HR Manager about it but she remembered that the first time she tried to bring it up, she was interrupted and told that part of her job entailed ‘ad hoc’ activities.

She was pondering what next she would be asked to do when the HR Manager called her on the intercom to inform her that she would be going on a trip with the MD and of all people – Kenny. She wanted to speak with the HR Manager but what could she really say?

What else lies in store for her on this job that she was so happy to have secured a few weeks back? How should she address the issues of her “Ad Hoc” tasks? How would she handle being on a trip with Kenny? Join Temidayo again next week as she journeys through her interesting work world.

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