The Intern 3

Getting ready for a trip with the MD was no easy feat for Temidayo. Aside from the fact that she had been told that she will be taking minutes for the M.D, confirm all his appointments, etc; she had also been forwarded the PowerPoint slide he was to present at the meeting. “You just came out of the University,” the HR said, “your brain is still fresh, so cross the t’s and dot the I’s. Make sure all the company’s products and the benefits are in the slide. We must win the contract so do not leave any stone unturned.” The Company was looking for investors to support the upcoming project of building a refinery in Lagos and she was fortunate to be on the team that will be travelling with the MD.

She didn’t even know what she needed to do at first. Despite speaking with the HR Manager and asking relevant questions, she didn’t feel satisfied with the answers she got. So, she went online and googled up on what a secretary needed to do when going on a trip with the MD. She frantically moved about the office, packing chargers, note pads and power banks for both the MD’s phones and laptops just in case of any eventuality.

The trip out of town was only about two hours by road so they used the company SUV. Being in close proximity to Kenny after she always tried to avoid him in the office was so uncomfortable. When he was not in conversation with his Uncle, he always tried to speak with her but she answered him in monosyllables.

Things were going well for Temidayo as she rose to the occasion. She did justice to the PowerPoint and the MD beamed with smiles when he saw that there were zero errors in it. She had worked on it with all the diligence she could muster, bearing in mind that part of the “Living Code” was excellence.

The MD spoke fluently and with great confidence during the presentation and she was glad she got a place there. Taking minutes for the MD was a new and awesome experience as she tried not to miss out anything knowing she will have to give the report back to the MD when they returned back to the office.

She handled the meetings with her boss and his partners very well and even when it was time for the cocktail party, she went about it naturally. She made sure she was always within the reach of her boss should he need her help. She also tried to mingle with the other team members.

She enjoyed herself into the night until Kenny showed up: the epitome of her discomfort. He had tried several times to catch her attention but she managed to ignore him and focus on the activities of the evening. She noticed that he was already having too many drinks; he had the tendency to drink, get drunk and lose himself.

Beginning to make a nuisance of himself, she saw the MD’s signal to remove him from the table and take him back to his room. This proved very easy for her as seeing that she was close to him, he willingly walked with her to his room. When they got to the door and she saw that he had opened the door, she turned to leave. That was when he grabbed and pulled her into the room with him. She struggled with him as he tried to hug and kiss her.

She was still struggling with him when he pushed her down on the bed and held her hands above her head. As she was weakening from the struggle, she felt a great relief as she felt him been pulled from atop her. She jerked off the bed to see the furious face of her MD.

What else lies in store for Temidayo? Will she be fired? Will she still want to work there? Whose fault was it that she found herself in this compromising position? Join us as we conclude The Intern in our next #TieThursday.

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