The Intern 4: The Verdict

Temidayo heaved a sigh as she stepped into the office that Monday morning, a week after the incidence with Kenny. She remembered that the MD never said a word about it. He just stormed off to his room after ensuring that she was back in her room. Even on their way home, the trip was made in utmost silence. She actually called in sick and requested for a week off work, she was surprised it was granted.

She narrated everything to her parents when she got back home. They were of the opinion that she should stop working there and look for somewhere else if she had to work at all; afterall, there was no real pressure on her to work. It was just to keep herself busy while waiting for her call-up letter to the NYSC program. Her parents in turn called her uncle to brief him about the incident. He only told them not to worry that he would speak with his friend.

Temidayo now stood in front of the HR manager, as she scribbled the instructions she was been given on her writing pad. Her mind drifted off to the environment in the office. For some reason, she felt the office was quieter than usual. She also noticed the glances sent her way once in a while even though nobody approached her to say anything. She felt somehow, like they all knew what happened. But how? She couldn’t say. She didn’t think that the MD would be one to say anything and she noticed that even Kenny looked too ashamed to look at her.

The voice of the HR Manager brought her back to reality, “have you taken all the notes down?”

“Yes ma”

“Okay, please follow me to the MD’s office, he wants to see you”

Her heart skipped a bit. “Today is judgement day” she said to herself. Although she was worried, she feigned confidence as she walked beside the HR manager to the MD’s office. She knew this day would come. She wondered what was in the file the HR clung tightly to her chest. Maybe she was going to get sacked afterall. Kenny was a relative to him, how is it possible that the MD would then take the side of someone related to a friend?

“Would you like to continue working with us?” he asked her with a straight face.

“Yes sir” she replied also nodding her head as she couldn’t trust her voice.

“We are prepared to offer you employment with us, not because of what happened, but because we are satisfied with your performance. I am very well aware that what happened was not your fault; Kenny is my nephew and I know him very well. I can promise you that he will never bother you again.”

She was shocked but relieved. She wasn’t going to lose her job, plus she had been reassigned to another role with a proper salary and job description.

So, what do you think of Temidayo’s journey? Do you think she made the right decision to continue to work in the firm? What do you think of the MD’s decision? Alternatively, if it was left to you, how would you rewrite the ending to this story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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