The Intern

Temidayo looked at herself in the mirror and touched up her makeup with light strokes of her brush. She expertly rubbed off an errant smear of the lipstick with a piece of tissue. She placed her left hand on her hip and shifted her weight to her left leg. She spun her hips around slowly in a semi-circle without moving her feet and uncoiled back to her original posture. She repeated the same routine effortlessly on her right.

She was the epitome of brains and beauty. Her oval face was framed with a short crop of hair that was stylishly curled. While her make-up is light and modest, it highlighted the innocence in her eyes and gave her full lips an upward curve that made her look like she will break into smile any minute.

She may not have come from a rich background but she was grateful for her value based upbringing. Her parents were disciplinarians and they had painstakingly ingrained in her core values to live by. What she now calls “The Living Code” because according to her parents, they live with you for the rest of your life.

Little wonder she was always modestly dressed and today was not an exception. Her red knee length skirt and cream-coloured chiffon top accentuated her curves perfectly. Arriving at the choice of was not easy for. She has never been this undecided in her whole life. Even though she was determined to make a good first impression she never by any stretch of imagination thought that selecting just a top and a skirt will leave every single corner of her room ungraciously littered with her clothes. She literally wreaked havoc in her room. Well, she will worry about that later. She has a new job in an oil and gas company and that is all that matters right now.

To think that she landed this job when she had not even gone for the national youth service yet… She was grateful to God that despite her qualification or lack thereof, she was able to get this internship opportunity at the firm of a friend to her Uncle. It was a rare privilege that she didn’t want to mess up. She looked at herself in the mirror once more and headed out to the office.

By 8:00 am she was already seated at her desk, arranging the files when the staff began to walk in. She greeted them with a smile as they passed her by. Some returned her greeting while others ignored her and went to their offices. A short while later, she was summoned to the HR Manager’s office.

“Good morning Ma” she greeted.

“Temidayo, I can see you are settling in” the HR smiled

“Yes ma, I am” Temidayo beamed with almost an unbridled excitement

“Okay, there are a number of tasks you will do in addition to your duties at the front desk,” the HR asserted with a long face that looked quite different from the person who smiled earlier.

They went over the schedules for almost an hour. Just when she was about to leave the HR office, the Manager’s voice stopped her “You will also double as the PA to the MD and it might involve travelling with him from time to time”

A stunned Temidayo nodded mechanically and left the office. She was yet to meet the MD and she wondered what sort of person he would be.

Back at her desk, she was bent over her laptop typing and filling in the call log when she heard a voice with a ring of familiarity.

“…and who might you be, gorgeous?” the person crooned.

She looked up with a smile on her face, ready to respond when she saw the person and the smile froze on her lips. She was staring into the eyes the person that caused her untold pain. Her ex-boyfriend. They had had a very bad break up. He worked there! This had better not be true!


What would Temidayo’s response be? What was the ex’s position at her new office? Would he become a thorn in her flesh as she tried to do her job and grow?
Watch out for next week’s episode on #TieThursday and have a great weekend!

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