The Kingdom Puzzle

Many Christians have not been able to fully comprehend the magnitude of their new life in Christ & His kingdom. Most of us seem caught up in the Puzzle of the Kingdom of God, there is a lot we still don’t know or understand about it. It is the reason we have “apostasy” of all kinds in the church today & people denying their faith at the slightest opportunity.

This whole Christian experience started when God created the heavens & the earth & put man in charge on earth. Fallen Satan deceived man to sin & fall too, then began the journey of reconciliation documented in the Bible by God Himself.

This article is an attempt to explain the DNA of what Christianity is really all about in a summary. It is intended to create awareness of Christ, grow close to Him, understand His ways, become like Him & live for & like Him.

The very moment we gave our lives to Christ, there was instant translation & relocation of the real you, i.e your spirit. You were relocated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light of Christ (Col. 1: 13). This supernatural event took place in an instant, at the speed of light & your name was written in the kingdom’s register. That register is called the “Lamb’s Book of Life”. Hence, we became citizens of God’s Kingdom. We became brand new citizens of God’s kingdom with special rights & privileges due to us.

Our new kingdom is guided by a living constitution written by the spirit that rules the kingdom. There is a mindset & new way of thinking that works in the kingdom. It’s our duty as responsible citizens to renew our minds.

This whole experience happened in the spirit realm, right in the spirit. We’re not fully aware of it but by faith. Renewing your mind brings you up to speed with what took place in the supernatural (Roms 12:2).

Our ignorance of the constitution of our country makes it difficult to enjoy our basic rights. You can’t be an adopted citizen of a new country & still remain ignorant of your new status. It will be a disaster. It’s your responsibility to get acquainted with the workings of the kingdom through the Bible. Everytime we show up in Church services, it’s an opportunity for us to worship our King & learn about our new ‘constitution’. The Bible is the constitution that carries the spirit & life that imparts our hearts & spirit to function as Kingdom Citizens.

Christains as citizens of God’s kingdom are expected to manifest & demonstrate this kingdom (Romans 8:19). We are to reign on earth because our King, Jesus Christ, gave us Authority & dominion over the forces of life (Matt. 28:18-20). No matter our current experiences, we already have victory over those challenges. We just need to download it from the spiritual.

As Christians, you’re already in the light, don’t allow your soul to be tricked into believing you’re a victim in life. You can’t be a Christian and be a victim at the same time. It’s impossible!

In God’s Kingdom, there is a new way of thinking & talking which leads to new behaviour & results in life. We now belong to the most powerful kingdom where Christ reigns supreme as King of kings whose dominion is forever. Every Christian is hence sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise to guide & lead us into every truth (John 16:13).

It’s not real Christianity if your character, values & situation are not changed. That’s a waste of your precious life.

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