The Lonely Card

Franca was tired of seeing her friend, Didi, suffer but she couldn’t help but wonder if she was loving the ill treatment. This was the second time in the week that her friend & neighbor had got her running to save her from her boyfriend’s fist.

“Look at you”, Franca said. “Just look at your black left eye. What will you tell your colleagues tomorrow in the office? Another key flying story? You deserve better dear, you are better off alone than with a man that can kill you”. “Please Franca, I did not call you to insult me or my boyfriend. Please be a friend and stay out of our business. He loves me Franca. I pushed him to the wall but he loves me. You know I have a bad temper, I deserved the slap”, Didi defended.
There are so many ladies living in abusive relationships today. Mostly out of the fear of loneliness. The abuse could be either verbal or physical, or mostly both; draining the ladies emotionally and physically.

Love is not abusive, neither is it harmful. It does not inflict pain nor degrade a loved one. It’s easy to think a man can cure loneliness just as it is easy to think one can work on an abusive relationship. All these boil down to fear, fear of loneliness, and the Devil deceives us that being alone is bad and a stigma.
Being alone can actually be good for you. It gives you space to think, plan and meditate on God’s word. He is the only one that can fill your heart and eradicate loneliness so, get up, look up & know that you are beautiful and STRONG!

Remember, you are first a woman of purpose, with a destiny to fulfill, before you are someone’s girlfriend or wife.

Take authority. Don’t let the devil deceive you into believing you are alone/lonely because you are not. You have God!

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