The Love Xpress

Betty thought her head would explode from the raging pain she felt in her heart. She was soaked in her own tears but couldn’t stop crying. Nine years of her life gone just like that. She wondered why ‘love’ could bring one so much happiness yet so much pain; such excruciating pain. She had done everything the books said she should do. Even went as far as doing what the sex books said she should do. So why no fairytale ending?

Mark had put her through a lot. Made her steal for love, promiscuous for love and even made her kill innocent souls for love; the worst was her six month old preganacy. The things she did for love were…the usual. Every girl she knew in Uni did it. She was practically the last amongst her friends to give her ‘V’ up. They had laughed at her for being one and mocked her ‘keeping it till marriage’. She knew it was biblically wrong but she wanted to be part of the crew.

So it wasn’t hard for Mark to get her to do his bidding, especially since she was a fool for love. He was the only man she had been with and he promised to marry her. He had told her they were married in the eyes of God so could do what married couples do without fear of sin. That the physical marriage was a showoff. She believed. She loved him so much she believed. 9years after, he ended the relationship and ran off to marry a virgin; a church girl, a good girl. She was left broken

She looked at the knife again and started to cry. She needed to prove her love, she need the world to know she loved Mark and that this was his fault. This gave her confidence as she stabbed her self. The voices were soft and rhythmic. She blinked, thinking they must be spirits. She turned and saw her mother as her hands held hers with a comforting smile. “You will be OK dear, it is not your time. God has a mission for you”. Those words were her pillar as she grew closer to the Man that truely loves us.

Everyday she stands in awe of HIM. For the show of love despite her actions. She was happy she found HIM again, she was happy she found True Love. Inside every person is a void that only God can fill, anyone who tries to fill it, will only fail. Let God love you. All you need to do is love him back(See John 15:13). Also, love is not an emotion, it is a series of conscious choices, aimed at becoming better, for the sake of the people around us. It is not love if it doesn’t make you a better person (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

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