The Measure Of A Man

Last week we started on the journey towards Extraordinary Relationships when we shared on “Family Genetics & Survival” (You can read it here incase you missed it) . Was there a lesson or two you learnt? Please share with us in the comments section below. We also looked at the connection between who we are & where we came from.

Today, our focus is on our non-genetic features, i.e. the outcome of interaction between our genes & our environment. Our environment has programmed us, unconsciously, in a variety of ways, but can we do better? What are the few things you have observed about your environment & preparation for marriage?

The reasons why marriages fail are programmed in our formation while growing up. Do you agree?

Whatever our parents didn’t know, they couldn’t teach us. Think about it. What traits or behaviors are you trying to unlearn that you picked up from your parents?

Virtues and vices were transferred both consciously & unconsciously from our parents & our environment. Our programming started from our parents, this influences & determines our marital life.

What is the the most difficult thing about relationships?

It is that “you only have power & control over your disposition, actions & decisions”. Can you change your spouse? We would love your answers.

Sorry to say, but, some people are a burden in the lives of their spouses. When you find yourself in serious relationship issues, you often have only 2 choices. You either accept things as they are OR take responsibility for change in the relationship. “First within, then without”.

Did you grow up in a broken or polygamous home? There’s a chance you might end up in a similar home if you are not DELIBERATE about your choices.

Success in marriage is a function of persistence, ruggedness & willingness to work at it. What is the measure of a man & how is his spirituality of essence in marriage?

For instance, consider the personalities of Joseph vs. Nabal.

Joseph, the husband of Mary mother of Jesus (Matt 1: 18-22) belonged to a noble family. His character, choices, sense of destiny, ability to hear God started from when he was single. Joseph had a no-slavery mentality, heard God for vision & direction for his family. Joseph was respected by Almighty God. He exercised his spirituality & capacity to hear God. His wife & family enjoyed his grace with God who blessed & promoted him.

Joseph also took up leadership & vision, and was secured in himself. But Nabal was a complete reverse of Joseph (1 Sam. 25).

Who can tell us about Nabal? Ever heard the name before?

The greatest battle a man fights in his life is the identity battle – “Who are you?”

Please enjoy this inspiring track titled “I am what you see”.

When men stay in the place of authority, their influence is powerful. Take your place.

If you will like to discover who you are, God’s way, please send an email to

Thank you so much for joining us this evening on #XLiving. We look forward to your questions and comments. Do have a great week ahead, full of adventures in Christ.

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