The Message: The Conclusion

TEXT: Ephesians 1:15-21 (NKJV)

This message is the last in the series for the month. We started with Abba Father! Where we discussed our concept of God; ‘Growing in God’ was next, there we discussed how we can be deliberate about our relationship with God. ‎Last week we talked about the Gospel: Information, Facts & Truth in order to understand our true nature as God’s children.

Satan knows that the Christian he can manipulate or oppress is the ignorant one who lacks “Revelation”. We said Truth is revealed (Ps 49:20, Hos 4:6, Eccl 10:5). A man set in honour but knows it not is an embarrassment. God’s grace & peace is actually multiplied in our knowledge of God. He has also given us all that pertains to life (2 Pet 1:2-3).

Let’s be curious about the power & principles that shape our world & live from inside out to the full stature of Christ (Rom 5:17). That way, we’re not tossed about by every wind of doctrine & deceit from evil doers & false prophets.

If you’ve always thought prayers must be said loudly, on your knees and or with candles… how do the deaf pray? When under spiritual attack do you kneel to pray? Won’t you pray if there is no candle? God is not stereotypical.

Our greatest concern for our generation is that we don’t make same mistakes our parents made (Eph 4:11-13). Many of them didn’t have the WORD like we do in this generation & they sought miracles, signs & wonder. It’s also the reason many are living dependent on prophets & pastors & all kinds of media as go between us & God, but not this generation. The ‘Message’ is based on the revelation of the truth of the gospel, not just facts & information.

Our lives are becoming more complicated & we are facing new problems in our time. The word of God remains the ultimate manual for life. It’s still the most potent tool for maximizing life. Jesus said I am not of this world…(John 8:23). That’s our status as Christians.

This message will do the following in your life:

  1.  It will rearrange your philosophy & theology. Philosophy is the attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior. Theology: study of nature of God & systematic development of our beliefs in Him (Act 17:23 Joh 4)
  2. It’ll ‎change your status in these 5 aspects:
    a. Spiritually, (Psa 82:6, 1 Joh 5:4);
    b. Economically; (Pro 10:22, Gen 24:35);
    c. Emotionally, (Eph 4:14);
    d. Socially (Act 4:13);
    e. Physiologically (Luk 2:52)
  3. It will Grant you access to God’s unlimited presesnce & resources, including revelations. (Dan 2:44-47). Philip was called disciple by John from Bethsaida who connected with Andrew & Peter who were in the same town (Act 8:26-40). Abraham had such access with God that he negotiated with God for nations. Apostle Paul was financed supernaturally
  4. It will also turn you into an influencer & authority, deliverer & saviour of the oppressed (Matt 4:19).

‎So let’s maximize these teachings & insight and let it impact our relationship with our heavenly Father for good. All these can only come through a deep, rigourous and consistent study of the WORD. Please don’t take it for granted… He wants to be your true Friend, with His Word abiding in you.

We hope this #XLiving and all Messages in October really blessed you? If you have questions, comments or experiences please reply in the comments section below or email us at
We would LOVE to hear from you. Have a fabulous week ahead, full of adventures in Christ!


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