The Nollywood Idea

Tonimi was having a great day! She had just collided, almost dramatically, with her “Dear Future Husband”. She was rushing towards the elevator at work and next thing she knew, papers were flying everywhere and she was staring into the most beautiful brown eyes everrrr! Abi, isn’t that the beginning of happily ever after? They exchanged numbers, he looked like a man on a mission and she already started daydreaming in traffic, hyphenating her last name with his. What if he was a true playboy and really never commits to Tonimi? What if they never even make it to the first date? What if he was just being friendly, making up for her flying paper inconvenience, as a gentleman, of course!

Monica, on another side of the city, was dreading meeting her in-laws that evening. She was to go cook up a storm at the family house and the latest seasoning cube commercial lied: the fear is 10 times worse. You might just serve stewed salt rather than garnished egusi soup! She had heard so many stories about how moms, fiercely protective of their sons, would go to the ends of the earth to screen for the perfect bride and even when approved, never stop judging or interfering. What if the soup was a hit and this mom-in-law was the exact opposite of the typical Patience Okonkwo Nollywood character and turns out to the best mom-in-love in the entire universe?

Amina, told her then BFF her deepest and darkest secret about that time when she succumbed to the temptation of a married man. For the past two days, she has been going round in circles in her mind, imagining the absolute embarrassment if Lade spilt to another soul. Obviously, that’s what babes do right? Gossip, backbite and slander. The blogs are filled with gory stories that were supposed to be ‘secrets’. Lekki Wives and other TV series show Amina how it’s done. But what if Lade could be trusted and in fact, opened up to her in turn? What if they became more than Lagos big (but shallow) girls? What if they forged a deeper friendship built on honesty, accountability and mutual spiritual edification?

So, I hate to break it to ya… it’s not all doom or dread, and neither is it always a straight line to happiness as we see it dramatically acted out with such mind-boggling expertise in the movies! God is still in the business of flipping the world’s scripts. Playboy meets virgin and miraculously changes his ways. Or NOT. Girl picks ‘Yahoo’ boy among her many suitors and is doomed to a life of crime and corruption. Or NOT. Former ‘runs’ girl meets a pastor and lives happily ever after with twin babies. Or NOT.

Don’t let these ideas rule your world when they don’t line up with the word of God. It’s time to take up the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Your story is a unique masterpiece, trust Him with the pen.

What ideas have been sold to you earlier in life that you are now sure is a fallacy? How did you discover the truth? Share with us and encourage another woman today. Have a fabulous #WomanWednesday!

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