Power Of Foresight

The power of foresight is one of an entrepreneur’s finest capacity. It is an amazing feature of great business people. It gives them advantage over everyone else. Most successful entrepreneurs use this incredible ability to travel into the future in their mind & see possible outcomes and then return into the present to begin to take actions consistent with what they saw in the future.

Humans have the capacity to reflect on the past, the present & the future, we just don’t seem to always use this ability but like Isaac Newton’s third law of motion says, “action and reaction forces are equal and opposite”. Every action we take in life has outcomes. Some outcomes are good while some may not be.

Humans also have the capacity to come out of ‘not so good’ current realities and project new positive outcomes into the future. Foresight is our ability to perfectly predict future outcomes. The ability to see the “bigger picture”.

What bigger picture of your business do you have? Where do you see the business in the next 5 to 10 years? What mental picture do you see of your staff strength, your branches or outlets? Do you see your business in other states of the country or in capital cities across the globe?

You don’t need visas or airplane tickets to traverse the capital cities of the world in your mind’s eyes, neither does your business. Some businesses simply become global citizens and sit with political leaders across the world.

Incidentally, whatever picture we see in our mind’s eye is what we eventually become in reality. For so many business people, the current mental picture is already obsolete, it needs to change.

An entrepreneur is a living magnet, you attract into your life and business your most dominant thoughts. If you think your business is small, then it will remain small until your mental picture changes.

Don’t sell your business cheap. Begin to take steps & decisions that are consistent with what you see.

Foresight is what makes you identify gifted staff members and turn them into superstars by training and exposure. Foresight is how you project and position yourself and your brand before your customers. Foresight is an eternal friend of creativity and innovation. They often work together.

The global economy is already moving in a particular direction. Foresight tells you to take a position now.

Read a book, travel outside your current location and engage some other business people. Stop playing second fiddle, pick up materials that will increase your awareness today and see change happen for you.

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