The Power Of Order

It’s not obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) but doing it as nature designed it to be done. It’s how nature wants you to win. See the disheveled fellow or not-put-together business? What impression do you have of these when you cross paths with them?. That under-the-dark-staircase-like reception with the unwelcoming odour of vermin greeting your senses as you approach the office for business is a 500 watt sign of disorder.

Then, if you don’t find the receptionist in the middle of some treasured delicacy or with packaged agege bread over a plate of ewa agoyin or cup of something, you will find an empty reception and a door or two for your selection to approach unattended. As disorder is very apparent, it could also be concealed short term and it pops right out at you, when some cash gets into the mix- attitudes change; ‘Acquired Integrity Deficiency’ syndrome bares its fangs. But blessed are you when you identify the presence or lack of order in good time. But dis/order always takes the form of an individual/s. It is not the objects or the actions, these are just spin-offs of the dramatis personae.

Order is one of the basis of principles. Order answers questions with the utmost ease. The where, why, how, when, what, which is answered easily where there’s order. Order also births precision in your business. It provides comfort because of the sublime sense of direction that it engenders. Where would you rather have your key investment, than in an entity that is orderly, knows what it’s doing and guided? Talk about round pegs in round holes et al, that’s order.

Order also means a system that works. The budding entity that has set up its systems to function orderly retains, grows its clients and boasts of happy stakeholders, including employees. That individual that puts up a prim and proper appearance exudes comportment and order and every reasonable man really wants to deal with him. Order is akin to a right attitude that takes you and your business to the zenith. You can’t get it wrong with orderliness.

Compare the level of order in the third world and the level in the first world and give us your take. The power of order cannot be gainsaid. Any solution that will create order is a niche innovation especially in a third world polity. As you build your business, emphasize the development of systems and order to remain in the higher rungs.

No matter your business, orderly practices also in your attitude when cash changes hands is your best attitude and way up the ladder. Only then are you setting up for big time.

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