The Pre-Karius Life

If dreams come true, then so do nightmares. And everyone’s worst nightmare is failure. Take Karius who by most accounts cost Liverpool the Champions League title. A perfect life is possible, but chances are, like Karius, you’ll make a few mistakes along the way.

The pressure of a thousand eyes on you is overwhelming. Even the Bible says we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, and despite being on form, and having no injuries, you can still mess up.

You may be afraid that you’ll fumble the ball, essentially cause an own goal, and like Karius end the match called life with your face in your hands crying. In your mind you even see the scoreboard of that terrible day.

Yes your family, friends and church profess that you’ll never walk alone, but you kind of know that they’ll desert you if the time comes.

You might not trend on twitter, but you will trend in gossips. Everyone talking about how you totally missed it. You’d be too scarred to ever get on that pitch again.

But you know what? Karius lost Liverpool the Champions League, but the world kept spinning. Literally anything you can imagine failure to look like, will not be the end of the world.

And yes, there will be a few angry fans when you don’t deliver on your promises. But don’t ever confuse admiration for affection, or fandom for friendship. True love is never results based. And if people only like you based on your performance, then they don’t like you at all.

Your enemy has some tricks up his sleeve. He will take your best chances down and break your shoulder. But remember God has rendered Satan’s greatest power, his Ronaldo, completely useless.

So even if the enemy has a score to settle, you’ll never see a Christian bail. He might beat you thrice consecutively, but make no mistake, you remain the Champion in Christ. Think like a champion, so when the next season of your life comes along, you can get on that pitch, and ball like a true champion.

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