The Queendom Idea

Today on #WomanWednesday, we’ll be discussing elements of self-image and poise and its inherent idea of being a Queen, on earth, via His Kingdom.

A number of issues arise in one’s life when they are not clear on identity. Who are you? Can you take a few seconds or minutes to answer that without discussing your occupation, marital status or family position? The best way to discover who you are is by understanding ‘WHOSE’ you are. You are God’s. You are the daughter of the Most High, with special blood running through your veins.

You’re a Queen! Therefore you must think of yourself differently. In a class by yourself, so don’t be pressured by the crowd. You are a woman of purpose on a journey to destiny. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Get your life’s blueprint from the Master Architect and follow his specifications. Therein lies your greatness.

As a queen, prioritize self-care – spirit, soul and body. Others are learning from your actions or inactions. In that same spirit of royalty, pay special attention to your appearance: Hair, skin, nails, clothes… No, it’s not vanity. It’s dignity. The saying: “You dress how you want to be addressed” is quite true. It’s not about the price tag, it’s more about your sense of style and an understanding of what works for you.

People are more inclined to helping, serving & associating with women of poise and class, it’s only natural. Going deeper into your attitudes, remember that verse: “Charm is deceitful, beauty is vain?” Much as appearances and first impressions go a long way, remember that your beauty can’t only be skin-deep. It must come from the inside out and that is from a genuine heart of love and a passion to solve problems.

Guard your mind. Feed it with thoughts of love and all things noble. That way, you’ll exude kindness. A Queen doesn’t need to shout or nag. Speak life always; let your words be seasoned – impacting value and delivering solutions. Be careful about your associations. Your circle influences your mind, your actions and your life. Who are your friends, mentors or mentees? Ensure you are replenishing each other – no 1-way relationships.

Lastly, be intentional about every aspect of your life – this is a success secret for both men and women *wink! Have a fantastic day and do remember to celebrate women in your life/environment. xoxo, #WomanWednesday

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