The Questions Of The Market Place

What, where, when really is the market place? Is it Idumota, or Apongbon or Yaba? Is it where hordes of people gather to sell pepper, tomatoes and stuff or is it NSE on Customs Street or NYSE?

If you’ve ever been to Isale Eko or Katangowa, then you’d pride yourself as having been to the market.

Way back from ancient times, people buy and sell goods in the market place, not leaving out services. The activities of the market place is the hub and heart of every economy.

While everyone earns in the market place some achieve this by exchange and ingenious strategies, some just make themselves present to get the crumbs of the profits of the market place while others come to beg for crumbs.

The market place is really a diverse and dynamic money world. Every activity therein has profit as a target and money as a reward. The market place is a place of exchanges where you just have to mingle with all in an accepted way to achieve your objectives. You have to be good in the ways of the market to achieve anything for yourself or your business.

Like it or not, your cozy, white-collar office sanctuary is a market place. Another level in the food chain.

The folks trading in Idumota, the blokes at NSE, the fellows selling in the high streets like Awolowo, the gentlemen in their black and white and gorgeous offices all belong in the chain which some experts may have a standing order for but the objective of all is profiting.

However, the astute and the dogged stand out in the crowd of the market place. When you’re driven by the desire to make a difference in the market place, you can only be outstanding.

As much as we may never find or have answers to all questions, we can only keep trudging on, innovating and ruling the market place as Joseph did in Egypt so help us God.

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