The Seeker

Hello friends & welcome to #WomanWednesday. Today, #WomanWednesday will take us through the pains and mistakes loneliness can bring when we don’t seek God. #WomanWednesday presents ‘The Seeker’ as it takes us through the lonely path for singles.

I used to wonder what life would be like when I am 60 and alone; unmarried, no children, just me alone in my home. Such thoughts can be frightening especially since, as a Nigerian girl, I was brought up to believe I needed a man. A man to fight for me, love and protect me, a man to hold my hands when I am down and tell me everything will be ok.

I live for and dream of the day I will walk down the aisle and say my vows while he looks dreamily into my eyes. Me in a white flowing dress like a princess. Yes, I fantasize of the day and these thoughts make me smile.

The thought of the wedding is more beautiful than the thought of being lonely. Loneliness is a killer, a dreadful one. Loneliness has driven a lot of ladies into wrong relationships. Men too, no doubt, but women take the crown. Especially with ladies above 30, worse when they hit 35, they just want a man, any man. They really don’t care.

The stigma of not being married is not as bad as how we feel being lonely; loneliness drives us to the extreme. Dara married the first man who proposed to her, despite the vast age difference, because of loneliness. Stella gave me a sermon on how our parents’ marriages were arranged when she got married to a man she never knew. Lily dated a man 13 years younger than her who she feeds and pay his bills just because he promised to marry her.

Dara is divorced after a year and Stella is living in an abusive marriage, sad and broken. Lily, well, we can predict the story. Lily’s young sweetheart broke her heart and married a younger girl, taking with him the business she started up for him.

Both Lily and Dara find it hard to love again as they entered a state of depression but loneliness pushed them to a lie. The Devil lurks around, finding every avenue to rob us of our freedom and happiness if we let him in.

We are only lonely because we do not believe that God loves us, we do not believe HE exists. Because, if you know HE exists and loves you, you won’t be lonely. HE will always be by your side. Taking time out to show God how much you love HIM, fellowship in HIS presence and work in HIS house.

You can’t be lonely when you spend time knowing and seeking more of God. You also can’t go wrong when you do.

Seek God, love HIM, wake, eat, sleep in HIS presence and loneliness will be a thing of the past. When you find HIM, HE keeps you and blesses you abundantly.
Go on, be an influencer for GOD.

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