The Side To The Side Chic

But I warned you, I told you nothing good ever comes out of being the side chic. It’s only cool on the tabloids but not in reality. Look at you now, the talk of the town. You can’t even show your face anymore at all the choicest bars in GRA Ikeja. Your colleagues look at you like you’re dirt. But you’re really a diamond of great worth! Diane’s story should have been your eye opener but you chose to ignore. You said Baron wasn’t married so you can’t end up like her yet you did.

Diane’s story was that she didn’t know Wale was married. Her fault was that when she found out, she continued the relationship because he said he was going to leave his wife. They never do, you know. Most are just out for a good time and after that, they run back to their woman. Only 1 out of 10 might leave her but trust me, it won’t be for you.

See now, Baron has married his Uni sweetheart and had his reception at our favourite bar. Is that not a sign that he never respected you? You, my dear, need to love yourself. Were you guys not dating when he proposed to her? So why didn’t you just walk away then? The truth stared you in the face but you chose to believe the lie. Remember when Amarah told you Baron won’t leave her? You called her ‘bad belle’ but your belly is now turned inside out. You’ve always deserved better!

He showed you signs that he’d never be with you, officially. Family events were a no-no but a dirty game night with the boys was great, sexy even. You’re a queen, not a mistress! He flirted with other girls in your presence and stood you up at any opportunity he got. You allowed yourself get played. But that’s over now, right?

A virtuous lady commands respect from her man. Side chics play themselves short when there’s a lack of self-esteem and blindness to self-worth. He won’t throw away 12 years of relationship just like that, not even 3 years of marriage. A man usually goes into a serious relationship with his eyes open. Open yours.

As the saying goes: ‘give yourself brain’. Don’t waste time waiting for him to love you when you are loved by the Ultimate God beyond measure. The Best Man loves you and wants you to love yourself by respecting yourself. Respect your fellow man/woman and true love will find you.

Are you struggling with yourself or a friend, who is a side chic, to see the reasons why you should walk away? Talk to us, let’s sort it together – send us a message now at

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