The Social Exchange Rate

Amanda is an amazon in the eyes of her father and family. She’s a one-girl construction squad. In the midst of crisis Amanda always comes through, rallying everyone and resources to ensure body and soul remain intact and ship on course. She has recognized her potentials, harnessed and channeled it into events management and organizing.

Over the years, Amanda has developed a lucrative enterprise based largely on the perception and credibility she has earned for herself as a service provider. Amanda, being a people person, has learned from her hordes of friends and family the significance of reliability. Mother always wanted them to understand the value of saying what you mean and doing what you say. “Don’t promise and fail” she said with a mock pulling of her right ear.

Amanda has learned indeed: from friends borrowing money and stuff and never returning it; tailors, artisans giving collection dates they always fail to keep. From the moment she ventured into private enterprise, she vowed to make a difference. She was going to deliver on all her promises. It’s about four years gone now, years fraught with the odds that reared up to frustrate her ability to keep promises. However, Amanda has managed to keep her promises and head above water. She has kept her business strictly business while social life and relationships ran parallel.

Amanda would do anything to keep her friends happy. Where she’s coming from, you never underrate the value of social capital. She knows that her net worth is highly reliant on her social network which the amount of advertising she could afford cannot compare with. For Amanda, social capital has been a blessing. It’s like “play” in the saying “all work no play makes Jack….” so she keeps her friend close, giving and receiving helping hands when needed.

After taking stock of her performance, she realized that a substantial chunk of her jobs have come through friends contacts coupled with her attitude to those contacts. Notwithstanding everything, Amanda has strived to create a balance between her business, friends and family. She has so far done well to make them coexist independently.

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