The Truth About Imperfection

We’re all careful to appreciate the outer beauty but no one imagines the issues within. ‘The truth about Imperfection’ is that it is a natural feature of us all but we overcome depending on our faith.

Trisha, like many of us, thought more of taking care of her outward beauty rather than the inward. We feed our material vanity as we live in a world where appearance & face value counts more than inner values.

On her sister’s wedding day, Trisha became pensive, thinking about her own love life. She thought she had it sorted out and by her plans, she should have been married by now and with, at least, a toddler. Instead, she was not even in a relationship and for months now no man had even made any advances.

Against better judgment, she sent SMS to 2 exes who had come close to marrying her, asking them, what, where, how & why did it all go wrong? The responses were heart breaking & she could not hold it back.

Wale called her a cold blooded inhuman entity. He advised that she should never bother having kids. Fred prayed for her, thanking God for making her human again to seek his opinion & he encouraged her. He advised her to get a grasp of her relationship with God. Only Him could open her eyes to the things she was doing wrong. Trisha wept bitterly when she got these feedback, unfortunately it changed nothing in her. She felt she was too lost to be found.

Many of us react exactly this way. When we find out the truth about ourselves, we’re disappointed & go into hiding. Instead of us working to improve on our attitude and disposition to life and people around us, we feel bitter and worse off.

Jesus loves you for who you are. He is fully aware of your imperfections, besides we can’t achieve perfection here on earth. We are work in progress in His perfect hands.

God accepts us without any prejudice. Guilt and fear is what the devil uses in trapping us away from our God. The bible is loaded with stories of Imperfect people that God used for HIS great and perfect works.

We all need the divine touch of the creator. We often fail to understand that beauty comes from a pure heart and a good conscience. No wonder our maker pays more attention to the state of our heart rather than the facials. Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Charm is superficial, it presents us in certain manners even when we are not instead of allowing others to see who we really are. Charm isn’t even skin deep and very deceitful.

You’ll need to change certain things about your life. Open your weaknesses to God and let Him heal you completely from within.

Love your neighbour as yourself. Love the poor, show compassion for the sick and be willing to give a helping hand when needed.

A man appreciates a woman who ‘cares’ because that is our true nature, don’t lose it for vain things.

Long wigs and flashy clothes won’t hide one’s nature neither will it compensate for obvious flaws in our lives. A compassionate and caring heart can open even the hardest door.

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