The Waiting Game

Everything in life is based on seasons. And when you understand this, ‘The Waiting Game’ will be worth the time.

We all love when flowers bloom, the sweet smell of nectar and the bright colours. Yes, everything in life has its time and season. If you like food, you understand it takes time to prepare; to cut, to mix and to boil. Then the waiting starts before you can enjoy the meal.

It’s the same with planting, you toil, you sow, you tend to and then, you wait. The wait can be long and sometimes, hard. It’s no wonder that they say patience is a virtue, a rewarding one but waiting can be a bore, a pain, and a temptation-filled season.

Temi could not stand it any longer. She had worked hard, over time and under budget. She deserved the promotion. On the other hand, Maurice never lifted a finger to solve anything. He just appeared at the same bar with the boss every Friday. Now, he stole her shine. He got the promotion that she had worked hard for. Yes, they both knew they were up for it. They both knew it was going to be just one of them. What Temi didn’t know was that management favored the other gender.

Other female friends made her understand this, telling her how management say they need strength and consistency for each managerial role. Explaining further that they did not like women in the sales role as they take too many breaks – maternity, painful periods etc. Some even quit after marriage and become stay-at-home Mums so to avoid distortion, they go for the men.

This infuriated Temi and she tabled this with her Husband. Knowing her temperament, he advised her to let it go and wait on God. But no! Temi was not going to wait. This was not a fight for God, to her, it was her fight and she had to stop the prejudice. The fighter in her, encouraged her to march up to the HR and state her case despite all the warnings from her colleagues, family and friends. The HR reminded her that the decision was made by her group head. So, she stepped up to him and tabled her case but to her, he made no sense.

So she went to the MD and confronted him with the challenge. In a week, she got another type of promotion; she was sacked. But before her last day, the head of HR, being a woman, invited her to her office and showed her a document. This was a document from her group head stating how hard working she was and how he recommends her not just for a promotion, but a transfer to head a new branch which was just two streets from her home. There, she would lead her own team; a group head role. Her impatience caused her to miss a big opportunity. Patience pays but impatience costs.

We are often blinded by personal wants and bloated desires and fail to wait on God. Even when He uses friends and family to remind us of His Divine timing. In this season of grace, we encourage you to understand that the waiting period is as important as the harvest.

Patience is a virtue; Galatians 5:22-23 and Galatians 6:9. Don’t miss out on your grace.


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