The Woman That Prays

The power of a praying woman should never be underestimated. It changes things in the known & unknown realms. By design, a woman already has a lot in her plate to juggle, keeping pace with all her duties puts more pressure on her.

Whether as a wife & mother or a busy executive, her bag is full already. As a single, she’s still not excused from her other roles as a busy executive, girlfriend, sister or even daughter.

We often try to handle everything by ourselves & at the same time because of our capacity to multitask. We always want to resolve all our issues on our own terms thus relying on our natural abilities.

We seem to have this depth inside of us from where we draw energy to care for others until we’re completely empty. This makes it easy for us to be vulnerable & totally oblivious of available power beyond our capacity.

That ‘available power’ is in the place of prayer. Never underestimate your capacity to draw strength in the secret place where the Most High resides. Never understimate your capacity to change things in the supernatural through prayers.

This ability is in the design of a woman. A woman once decided to resolve her barrenness in the place of prayer. She didn’t even go to seek a ‘seer’. She went to God in deep spiritual conversation knowing He sees & hears.

The encounter turned her into a woman talked about for many generations since. She brought forth a son who eventually became a national spiritual leader.

Again many women have overcome shame, received dead ones alive, healed & redeemed their family by prayer. It all starts with a simple but complete trust in God who is all-powerful, all-knowing & can do all things.

We can always make a few calls, trusting our friends and contacts, but they may fail us. Unlike the Almighty God, who in the place of prayer who never fails, who always answers when we call.

Potentials of the woman is limitless if she sets her mind on anything, especially in the place of prayer. Go back to the place of prayer because enormous power is available to the woman that prays.

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  1. I attended the burial ceremony of a woman today. This is a woman I did not know (she is the sister to my boss) but at the church service, I cried! I read some of the tributes written about her and broke down in tears when I saw the casket carrying her body.

    I cried because she was too remarkable a woman to have left this world at just about 54years. She was remarkable because everyone talked about her love for God and her caring for other people. She had lost her husband about some 10years ago and was left to raise 3children by herself. Even her kids talked about how in the face of trials, she would still be singing hymns and praising God. Her colleagues talked about the professionalism and can-do spirit that she lent to the organization and what they achieved with her being on their team.

    Her pastor talked about how she helped many people get their papers in Canada and how she would organize surprise birthday parties, meet people’s needs and just be there for others. People drew strength from her presence, they drew encouragement from her words. He talked about her love for God and a profound statement she made that “eternity does not start in heaven, it starts here on earth”. It starts with the help you give to someone, the life you help change for Christ and the love of God that you show.

    She was remarkable because she was connected to a higher source of power – GOD. She accomplished a lot with the time she spent on earth and if I am God, she is the type of person I would say, “Welldone, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy master”

    With all the challenges women face, there is no way to handle them without the help of God. That means, a connection to Him and a constant drawing of strength from His word and time spent in prayer. I struggle with praying especially when things are on the downward slope but that is the time I know I need God most; so I listen to messages to draw encouragement.

    Prayer helps and it is not for God’s sake alone (even God loves to hear us jist with Him) but it is more for our sake. It is what keeps me sane in the midst of negative circumstances, I ask for grace to pray more and that at the end of my time, people will say remarkable things about me and God will say to me, “Welldone, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy master.”

    Woman, take courage; God hears your prayers.

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