The Worker Vs The Professional

As a career person you either work in a company, for a company or at a company. The obvious fact is that you report there daily to carry out your assigned task and to earn a pay at the end of the month. Your service may be a permanent or temporary basis with the company, depending on the agreed terms. You perform those tasks daily & get paid a certain amount of money in exchange for the time invested in the the company.

So, as you go about your job, you’re either a worker or a professional, because the 2 are actually not the same. There are many workers these days but few professionals (‘Prof’). Which one of these are you?.

According to Oxfords dictionary, a worker is one who, or that which, works, a laborer, a performer. The worker does his or her assigned tasks well & there is nothing exceptional or particular about it.

In zoology & particularly entomology, a ‘worker’ is one of the neuter, or sterile, individuals. Worker insects are those within social insect colonies (bees, ants & termites) that are not capable of reproducing. Workers perform most of the tasks within the colony just like in many organizations around the world. Workers also build the colony, they defend the colony from invaders & do the cleaning.

The point is, workers do a lot compared to others within the colony, but they’re not specialized like the queen of the colony. However, same dictionary defines a professional as one who prosecutes anything ‘professionally’, for a livelihood. It adds ‘not in the character of an amateur’.

In counsel of wisdom, you may be a worker, you can also be a professional. Beyond being just a worker, more is required from you. Professionalism is more fully engaging & integrated. Professionals are superior to workers because they do more than just work. They have a stronger psychology that guides them.

Professionalism focuses on the qualities & behavior you exhibit & the manner in which you conduct yourself on the job. Professionals possess a number of features that can be seen in virtually all that they do. They have a deft touch.

Professionals carry an attitude & a belief that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. It shows in their appearance, their demeanor, their speech & general disposition.

So, go on & hype your game. Take your career to the next level. Be the professional here. Be a professional like Joseph was in everything he did to get to the highest office in the land. It’s always a pleasure & not a pain dealing with professionals, be that one that will expertly provide the needed solutions.

Have a blissful #TieTuesday as you thrust into the realms of professionalism onwards.

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