The X-Factor

Imagine how funny and interesting it is to draw similarities between the idea of a business enterprise and the X-Men series. In the famous series published by marvel comics, X-Mansion is a special school that serves as the training ground for gifted youngsters recruited globally. That sounds like a marketplace, an enterprise that hires gifted, talented and skillful guys pulling them all together for achievement of a business objective.

X-Mansion serves as training hub for genetically modified people known as mutants. These guys carry X-Genes which gives them distinct capabilities beyond humans. They have superhuman abilities. The #MarketPlace serves as a place for people to acquire and deploy unusual skills for enterprise. It is a place to develop competencies essential for business success.

A particularly interesting personality among the X-Men is Professor X,  the founder of X-Mansion. Professor X can be seen as the entrepreneur. It is particularly interesting to see how the X-Gene found in these guys, gives them superhuman qualities. In a similar way, God is our X-Factor.

As entrepreneurs, drawing inspiration and staying power from a higher source is critical for the success of our enterprise. Entrepreneurs should find a way to connect and activate their X-Factor. He is the One who gives you power to succeed. He gives strategy for exploits, beauty for ashes.

Most entrepreneurs obtained inspiration from different sources before they started their businesses, even though the journey’s been both exciting and challenging. There may not have been one source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs but there is One True source of inspiration and wisdom, i.e. God.

Just like the X-Gene in the X-Men, the capacity to be inspired should be an integral part of our lives as entrepreneurs; it is who we are. Although there is the ‘gut feeling’, but more than that is the ability to be divinely inspired beyond your guts. To see with certainty opportunities that have not yet been conceived.

As your business grows, you develop yourself, acquire more knowlege, get more training and skill you’ll need  to make more accurate decisions such as staying closer to the real X-Factor. Keep cultivating the environment of and for excellence that will continue to inspire your team. Help them sharpen their capacities. Never treat lightly the important place of character and competence in your business. They are both the opposite sides of the same coin.

Let God, your X-Factor, inspire a new you.

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