The X-Men Evolution

If you’re a comic book fan then you might know a bit about the X-Men. An elite group of superheroes who have superpowers granted to them by the X-gene. A gene which allows for the natural progression to the next evolutionary step. In essence the gene allows you to go beyond being Homo Sapien, to Homo Superior.

This gene lies dormant in its host, until it is triggered by stress usually during teenagehood. It manifests itself in powers and for a young teenager, waking up with powers can be a very scary event. Picture Kitty Pryde, a girl who can pass through walls. She woke up one night in bed, and then fell through her mattress, then her bedroom floor.

Luckily Professor Xavier -also a mutant- put together a school, that will help these mutants control their powers and use them for good. Now this all happens in the fictional world of the Marvel Universe, but there’s something quite close to it in reality.

The X-Men and indeed mutants have been used as a metaphor for minority groups who are ostracised for their differences, but as Christians become a sociological minority group based on influence, relevance and popular culture dissent, the X-Men may also serve as a metaphor for us.

Like the X-Men we have been called out of a previous life, into a much more glorious one. Our transition was mostly tumultuous, as we ran into the arms of God in the midst of great tragedy and distress. Now converted, with special gifts of the Spirit, we are looked upon as the outcasts.

What’s more, we’re labelled as freaks for our differences. We call forth things that don’t exist as though they do. We have a telepathic relationship with an invisible and almighty being called God.

We have like Cyclops, a saviour who has righteousness burning in his eyes like a fire, which makes it very difficult for many unbelievers to see eye to eye with some of our beliefs. It’s like staring at the sun they say, and conclude that we have blind faith.

Like Jean Grey we can almost read minds when we walk in the Gifts of word of wisdom or knowledge. Our telekinesis to move mountains is considered preposterous, and without training we probably won’t even be able to move a mustard seed, but thankfully we have a Professor who trains us.

Just like the X-Men possess the Xavier School for the Gifted, we possess a school of the Spirit, presided over by the Holy Spirit who teaches us a curriculum consisting of the Bible. The Spirit leads us into all truth, and floods our understanding with light.

It all seems ridiculous, indeed like a comic book. Until you consider that creativity is a human mind trying to describe divinity the only way it knows how. If God’s creation speaks of his majesty, then the creations of man inevitably do the same.

But why do we possess these powers? The gifts of God were given to profit withal. That means they are not for your benefit, but for the benefit of everyone else. Storm is a mutant with the power to control the weather. She could be walking in sunshine all the days of her life, but she uses her powers for good, to cover those in need of protection, and to strike those who seek to hurt them. This is the place of intercession.

So are you living like a mere mortal when you possess the X-Gene? Or have you given yourself to a foolish darkened heart, which rises like a Dark Phoenix – Jean Grey’s evil alter-ego? You were made to live an extraordinary life, one wrought with power. A life which draws criticism, but adds such immense value to mankind, it cannot be snuffed out.

If you’re not walking in power, then call on the Holy Spirit today, that He might make manifest to you all that is contained in the hope of your calling and baptize you in the Spirit. For a man’s gifts shall make room for him in this world. And God empowered you to kick down doors, not hide behind them. Walk in power young mutant, now and forever more. Go ahead and ask for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit now, using Acts 1:8 -the evocative words of Jesus-as your claim to the power.

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