Time Management… Like A Boss

Angie was so frustrated and overwhelmed – she was late for that presentation. Again! It was getting too embarrassing. She would prepare, make plans, set alarms and still have to rush into meetings – it was almost becoming part of her ‘brand’.

It didn’t help that colleagues thought she was over-ambitious by tackling so many tasks at work. She was even accused of ‘eye service’, but what’s a girl to do, when it seemed like she was the only one with the much-needed solutions at work? Angie also had a lovely marriage and 2 energetic, attention-grabbing kids and she was doing her best to satisfy everyone. However, this multi-tasking, go-getting performer had to get a grip on her time management skills. If not, balls would drop. She has now become very mindful of that quote in the Good Book about ‘redeeming the time for the days are evil’.

What steps could Angie take to regain control of her time? Let’s dive in!

First things first, asthey say. It’s true, though. Prioritizing is the first and most critical step in this process. LadyBosses, please identify, clearly, the critical areas of your life and fashion out concise and SMART transformational goals. Non-negotiable areas: SELF, MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP, FAMILY, KEY FRIENDSHIPS/MENTORSHIPS, BUSINESS and/or CAREER and MINISTRY. Once you are sure of goals what’s most important in the grand picture of your life, you can allocate your time wisely.

Next, plan to succeed. Planning means breaking those big goals into chewable steps that get you closer EVERYDAY. Daily habits create consistency. Consistency creates Mastery. Mastery in ANY endeavor guarantees rewards. What you don’t measure, you can’t manage. Track your time. How much time do you spend idling around or getting the kids ready? Once you can categorically say how each minute is spent, you can better re-direct to more productive tasks.

Next, find your sweet spot, i.e. when are you at your best for certain tasks? Are you a morning babe or a midnight owl? You could also tweak that sweet spot for success. You may need to tackle difficult tasks at ‘odd’ times.

To actually carry out tasks ON TIME, you must schedule everything. ‘Bedtime’ and ‘get ready to leave home’ included. In scheduling, be hard on yourself and DO get up and execute once the alarm goes off. No use ignoring reminders.

This leads to the big tip of avoiding procrastination. It’s the grand thief of your joy. Attack procrastination head-on!

Remember also that, though the ‘Superwoman’ culture is fast spreading, superwomen are borne out of collaboration. Please learn to ask for help and delegate as appropriate. You are not the omnipotent, omnipresent, nor omniscient. In the same way, others will ask for your help (directly/covertly). Line up the task against your goals & schedule. Grow in your ability to say the word NO. It may sting a little, but they will get over it and find alternatives.

No one admires or listens to a visibly exhausted, mentally-scattered, disheveled lady, no matter how hard working. We can’t emphasize the importance of time management enough. It’s a major life-hack for balance and victory. As a babe, your ‘slayage’ is predicated on being able to master all essential areas on time, budget and strategy.

Keep on keeping on, girl… God is your muscle AND your glory! Stay alert and in love. Hope this helped? We’d love your questions and comments. Share this to encourage a sister and have a fabulous #WomanWednesday.


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