To Cheat Or Not To Cheat? Part 1

Standing in this hotel lobby; a myriad of thoughts going through my mind; needed to act fast, but my feet won’t budge. If anyone told me 6 years ago that I’d be here thinking about cheating on my hubby with Tade, I’d have laughed out loud.

I met Bosun at a company dinner. He was my MD’s guest and it was my job to ensure VIPs were catered to. I did my job well; as he asked for my number and kept in touch. He always made time for me – his jewel. I loved his sense of humor; adventure and drive. Bosun always asked my opinion – it felt good to be needed.

Looking back, I see that I loved about him now irritates me – he works too hard and there is barely any time for intimacy. We hardly talk anymore and when we do, it’s a monologue of my hurt or an epistle of how he is doing this for our future.

‘Bosun, we might not have a future together!’ – when I point this out, he jokes about it and says we will pull through; when I ask how? My husband, Bosun, shrugs and walks away. There seems to be no REAL solution!

Tade is the new guy at work. He reminds me of Bosun (a lot) but he is kind, thoughtful and sensitive. We talk A LOT. Our friendship was instant, and as the months went by, he became my go-to guy. We’ve hung out a few times (just gist), but the feelings were getting stronger.

Over the course of my marriage, a few guys have asked me out, but it was easy to say no ‘cos there was no bond; this was different. The hotel receptionist is wondering whether I am lost; I am wondering the same thing! I agreed to meet Tade here because my emotions for him were running deep.

However, didn’t I feel the same way when I first met Bosun? But 6 years and a new guy later, I turned on my heels and ran for the door – this will hurt Tade. But if I go through with it, it will DESTROY Bosun. I loved both, but more importantly, I love God – and like Joseph – how can I do this and sin against God?

It’s hard, it hurts… but I will trust God to order my steps and take my own marriage one day at a time.

When faced with temptations, always ask ‘after this, then what?’ It helps you look beyond your immediate emotions. Old flame, new crush, current boo – emotions are fueled by our thoughts. Be mindful of what you let into your heart.

Ladies, want to share a few experiences on cheating with us? Do comment below and have a wonderful #WomanWednesday!

2 thoughts on “To Cheat Or Not To Cheat? Part 1”

  1. Cheating for women starts from our emotions. We deliberate and so many instances before we eventually make a decision. Most women don’t do it for the physical pleasure, but mostly for emotional reasons. Its a deep action, that when probed one will discover its a need that has always been there.
    Luckily she fled, because truly all men are just as she described her husband.
    Instead of cheating get a female friend you can confide in and do things with.

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