Too Charming To Fit

Lila was everything plastic. She didn’t care though that she was being called that name, all she cared about was looking the part.

She learnt long time ago that beauty is the source of everything good and had made a promise she would always look good. Her eyes didn’t know what it felt like to blink without fake lashes neither her face without foundation. She had attended grooming and make-up classes to learn the act of staying pretty all day, everyday. She never cared about looking normal or natural, neither did she care about other’s impression of her. Her job didn’t help matters. She was a customer care representative in a cosmetic boutique; strictly designers. Sometimes, for the job of it, she flaunted a French accent and lied she had gone to a fashion school in Milan.

Her parents had complained about her excessive attention to looking pretty, they complained it was affecting her character. She had become saucy. She didn’t like dirt, she didn’t like poor areas despite her humble background and she wouldn’t associate with her family or people she grew up with. This made her lie about her life all the time.

She wanted glamour and beauty and her job was a dream come true. For her, it was her big break.

The worst part of her life, though, was that she couldn’t come to terms with her Christian faith. She loved God, or so she claimed. She attends church and even served in ushering but she wouldn’t mix with just anybody, especially people she considered poor and needy.

Interestingly, this part of her Christian life disturbed her everytime she read the bible, and read about Jesus, especially how he welcomed the poor, ate with them and visited their homes, she wondered if she was doing the right thing. She fought with this feeling and when she couldn’t fight it anymore, she stopped reading the bible and volunteering in church altogether. She became a Sunday Christian, a bench warmer if you prefer, and kept it that way. She was blinded by the life she wanted to live.

Self-esteem is one of the biggest slave entrapment in the world; it blinds from the truth and enslaves. Esteem issues grow with us based on our life experiences. They ought to be ditched at some point as we grow up. It is the reason some believe their beauty can open doors and rule the world. Some can go to any length and extent to commit all kinds of sins for it, without batting an eyelid.

There is nothing wrong with physical beauty, but there is a more powerful beauty that comes from within us. Many have become vain and self-centered pursuing this beauty like their life depended on it; be guarded. Don’t let the unnecessary attachments of beauty steal you from your spirituality.

Remember, beauty is a gift from God. You didn’t do anything to be beautiful. It’s simply a gift. Stop paying too much attention to a gift at the expense of the giver of the gift, God Himself.


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  1. Message: This is the truth about Inner beauty for every woman to ask God to bless her with. Being humble is a Spiritual beauty while artificial beauty is the trick of Satan to deceive us. I love this message and will share with others.

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