Tridimensional Influence: Secrets To Complete Success

Ehis felt lost. He had tried every means possible to please his boss but has not succeeded and this was a major career problem. He knows he is a people person; he finds it very easy to get people to do his bidding thinking it was their idea. Well yeah, he had the power of persuasion but it seems it worked only on his subordinates and mates but not on his boss.

He had read all the books possible, had prayed and even fasted for wisdom on how to tackle his boss but no result. This worried him a lot and it was obvious to everyone especially his friend Tunde, as they sat watching a match, over a drink. He poured his heart out to Tunde who happens to be a pastor too, seeking counselling on how best to go about it.

He understood that being a Christian means having authority, God given influence to make mountains move. The influence that Daniel had over the mouth of the lion. That Abednego, Shadrach and Meshach had over the fire and… That Paul and Silas had over the gates… influencing the Holy Spirit to act for them. This was the ultimate influence.

Being a Christian can be demanding; Tunde made Ehis understand that being able to influence on a multi-dimensional level means… First to be humble. You have to be a servant to be able to command love that comes naturally, this love is the major influence. Secondly, you have to learn that the influence can not be forced, can not be calculated and cannot be demanded for. You influence through your character, which is ‘Christ-Like’. When you tend to live and walk in God’s footsteps, you influence without enforcing.

“You can not fast and pray for what is in you, you can only live it to breathe it”, Tunde said. This came as a shocker to Ehis. He had been going about it the wrong way and he felt bad. He never thought it all had to do with his character. “Pray for me, Tunde”, he begged. Tunde took Ehis by the hand and prayed with him. They prayed for forgiveness as without knowing, pride had crept in, trying to rule over Ehis. Making him demand to rule his boss. Then they prayed for wisdom to be able to tell when the devil tempts using scriptures.

Yes, as Christians we are influencers. And we should be able to influence our sphere of life even at work but, we must be careful not to let pride take over. Influencing the work place comes from being humble, being proactive and being a positive team player. When you are able to command respect based on your attitude which aligns with Gods words, you will influence on the three dimensions. Your subs will want to emulate you, your peers will look up to you and your boss, will respect you.

Go on, be HUMBLE! Be the authority God wants you to be and influence people to live the extraordinary life. I hope this story was able to influence you to be a better Christian in all spheres of life.

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