True Professionalism (The Series)

“Don’t ever tell me Dubem is a professional. How could he do such a thing?” screamed Halima. “With all the exposure and experience he has? Dubem lied about that report and it says something about him. I don’t agree that that’s professionalism”. Her colleague, Dav was holding her and he kept calming her down, “It’s ok Halima”. She was in a rage.

“You know, sometimes people act in ways that aren’t consist with acceptable standards, especially in the workplace. No vex my dear”, said Dav. “Exactly my point Dav, Dubem has done this before, when I raised it, no one believed me. And he’s done it again?”, Halima continued, “Isn’t professionalism about conducts, values, virtues, behaviour and attitude that distinguish one in the workplace? Where did Dubem throw all that to?” Halima went on and on

It all started three days ago when Dubem, in a bid to meet up on his deliverables and KPIs, manipulated some figures to boost his report which, unknown to him, were known to Halima. Being a data analyst herself, she could pick it out like a gold fish among tilapia. The report was tampered with, he actually falsified the figures.

Dav said to her, “If you push this matter, Dubem may eventually lose his job and that may not be too good”. “You don’t get my point Dav, it’s not about losing jobs but about what we stand for, who we are as professionals. This is not the first time he’s done it and there is no guarantee he won’t do it again. That’s what this is about, my dear”.

“So what are you going to do about this?” asked Dav. “He should withdraw the report and do the right thing or else, we have not seen the end of this matter” replied Halima.

We may wonder if anyone will really notice when you don’t demonstrate true professionalism at work. Will it be that obvious? Truth is, people will. It may be hard to define professionalism, but we know when we see it and when we don’t see it.

#TieTuesday begins a series on “True Professionalism” in the workplace. Inspiring everyday stories shared by career professionals like you. Our world needs true professionals in every sphere of our society to touch the professionals in the office, schools, civil service, hospitals and everywhere.

Please share with us, your personal views, comments and experiences about the level of professionalism you have seen or not seen recently.

Kindly stay tuned to #TieTuesday posts in the coming weeks and we look forward to your interactions. Enjoy the rest of your day being an influencer and authority and do share with your colleagues.

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