Truly Thankful

“It’s so easy to take things for granted & I mean EVERYTHING, especially if things just work on autopilot for you”, said Lanre. For a moment, Martha was lost in thought about what her friend & colleague, Lanre just said. They were having lunch at a restaurant across their office complex.

“You didn’t have to struggle to make things rotate on their orbit for you; how short & transient our memories can be”, continued Lanre. “You know, it’s so easy to take it for granted that you have a ‘9-5’, I was without one for three and half years. For a while, it didn’t matter whether it was a multinational, ‘semi- multinational’, national, ‘one man’ business, I was just desperate for a job. The object of my gratitude is the understanding that I carry value and the capacity to add that value to any organization’.

Martha replied “Hmmm, 2017 has been an unusual year for me and a few of my friends, some of them lost their jobs.”

“But the loss of a job is one thing, the gift of life is another. When you’re well & alive, then you can get another job” replied Lanre, “Some who lost their jobs got new ones along with some others who weren’t even employed before 2017”. Martha exclaimed “Even though I didn’t get the promotion I hoped for, I’m thankful that am employable in the first place. I’m thankful for the health & energy to work, I remember what it felt like to be sick for a week & unable to work; the sick takes care of health before work”, She muttered to Lanre.

“Be thankful for your salary even if you know you deserve better pay; you’ve always complained about about it. Be thankful for your colleagues even for the wild ones like … let me not mention names; they’re the family we spend a chunk of our days with.”

Lanre took a quick look at his watch and exploded, “Oh my faithful God! Kathy should be waiting at the conference room; finish up, let’s go”. “So who’ll pay for this lunch?’, asked Martha. “I will my dear, thank God I have someone like you to share lunch with.” They both laughed, finished up & left.

As the year draws to a close, take some time to reflect. It’s been an amazing year and you need to be grateful. Be thankful for your boss. If you have a great boss, fantastic! And even if it’s an ‘interesting boss’, be grateful; your capacity has been enhanced despite his/her ‘wickedness’.

Be thankful for your promotion if you got one, be thankful for your team at work. Be thankful for your family as well. If you lost your job this year, be thankful for the hope of a better job soon & in the new year. Be thankful for friends, colleagues & your organization.

Be thankful for the ‘One Man Business’ that hired you. At least your boss started the business in the first place. With gratitude, it will grow to a multinational or at least, you get a multinational job in the new year.

On a lighter mood, be thankful for the 13th month pay. If your organization pays, that’s great. If you’re not sure, we hope & pray your company will pay this year.

Above all, be thankful that you’re still alive today & standing & hopeful & blessed. It will only get better from here into the new year. #TieTuesday is thankful!

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