Twice Loaded

Last year, I testified of how I went for a job interview; rather than getting the job, I got a scholarship to acquire the skills that the job required.

Feeling discouraged at not having a job throughout last year, I travelled home for the Christmas break, hoping to come back much later in the month of January.

For some reason, my friend urgently asked me to return to Lagos and within the short time I was back, I got called for another interview.

To the glory of God, I got the job and the offer was beyond my expectations and much better than I would have received from the other place.

Never feel discouraged when you don’t get what you want; Trust in God who surely gives you what you need because He knows better.

You believed in God for something but got another, how did you feel about it? Or perhaps you got exactly what you prayed for. Share your thoughts with us on today’s #ThankfulTuesday

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