Understanding Divine Timing

TEXT: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

There are seasons and times in all of our lives and there is a distinction between a season and a specific time. Seasons are a protracted period of time for an event to happen while time is a specific moment for an event.

For example, as a farmer you know the season of planting but you now also pick your own date of planting within the season. Another example is the stock market; there is the bully or bearish season or election period & election day or Christmas season and Christmas day.

During your season, you have your time of miracles or encounter. King Solomon said, “To everything there is a season and there is a time”. Christians need to understand this. Sensitivity to the season and time of our lives is very important in fulfilling your purpose. It means there is a specific time for your manifestation.

In John 2, At Cana of Galilee, Jesus said it’s not yet His time. Jesus had to wait for divine instruction from heaven. He had mentioned that as of His own, he couldn’t do anything (John 5:30).

Your season is that period when you receive divine instruction from God and it’s the best time to act or do anything because there is a spiritual frequency under which you’re operating at that particular period. We have such a season in WhiteOlive, a season of amazing grace.

When timing is right, miracle happens. The laws of God are operational at the right time and season. Everything run smoothly and without stress in their season. You can’t force things to happen out of their season except God suspends the laws of nature for a miraculous intervention.

A baby must spend 9 months in the womb; a butterfly must go through the 4 stages of growth or else it’s destined to crawl and not fly forever. Sometimes when things don’t work, we should also learn to check whether it’s the season or time for it. There’s divine timing for manifestation of your destiny.

In Galatians 4:1-2, The heir waits for his time even though it’s his season. He’s not a slave or servant but remains under their guidance until the right season and time. The lesson in Gal 4, is that sometimes, we’re the determinants of some of our seasons in life. God will not likely give you what He knows you’ve not developed capacity for. For example, WhiteOlive will not hit the 500 member mark until God knows it’s ready and that’s by growth/maturity. Not just prayer and fasting.

At River Jordan, Jesus became “The Cherished” when the voice came from heaven. That took 30 long years for him to manifest. Sometimes our requests are not yet granted, and the answers are postdated but now is the season because we’re covered by His amazing grace.

In theology, one wonders about the time when they killed many kids because of Jesus and Moses? What a terrible season those were! A prophet recorded in the Bible “The cry in Ramma and Racheal refusing to be comforted”.

God often gives us tests to check our readiness for the next phase of our life. A change in season depends sometimes on our maturity (See 1 Corinthians 13:11). With God, though, seasons change with short notice. In Luke 2, Simeon knew his death was at hand after seeing Christ.

Not every season is your season and no season is designed to last forever in life. When a season expires, it’s time to move on to another but a lot of people expire with a season. When a season expires, opportunity at that point expires. If you look well enough, another is about to be created.

In Ecclesiastes 7:10, Solomon said “…dont say the past is better than today…” You cant keep looking at the rear mirror of a car while driving forward. Tomorrow is designed to be better than today. In John 7:1-8, we also learn that other People’s time is not your time. You have your own time.

In John 3, John affirmed to his disciples that he’s not the Christ and that a man can receive nothing except it’s by divine timing. No point trying to steal limelight when God has moved the light away. Timing is key; it takes seconds sometimes to escape death.

Finally, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Sensitivity is very key. Moving before your divine timing can frustrate both you and God.


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  1. Very true indeed. There is a season for everything. Like we say in my group of friends who are entrepreneurs, we say “when it rains it pours” meaning when business is good its great so invest and bring out all containers to collect the “rain water”

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