Unexplained Favour

Indeed, God is a good God. It pays to trust in Him and rely on His Spirit for help at all times (I could say this a thousand times over). My testimony is about my US visa that was to expire this year. So I applied for renewal via dropbox towards the end of January. I expected that the visa would be granted just like that without further requirements. However, I got a call a few days after my son and I submitted our application to pick up our passports.

I used my first visa for vacation and childbirth. Although I disclosed this at the point of entry in US, I didn’t disclose during the initial visa interview so it was a bit of a concern. Also, Because I read different experiences on the internet of how the embassy process was now strict and visa officers refused issuance of visas to people who had their babies in the US. I had all my receipts and evidences of payments in the US so I started preparing and praying. Every time I read any negative experience, I would declare favour and grace for me and my son’s interview.

Incidentally, i wasn’t coming by any positive experience with visa applications during that period. Fast-forward to the interview morning. I took the day off work and all. Before we left the house, hubby led the prayer and declared that we would have the shortest interview ever. Hubby connected to the revelation in church on Sunday (there was mention that someone would be having an interview this week and would be successful in it. It was said twice by Ptee and my amen was so loud on Sunday).

To the glory of God, the interview went well. It was indeed the shortest interview ever! We had so much favour and grace. The officer requested to see my paperwork for scrutiny. Meanwhile, I was praying and declaring our victory all the while (from when we entered to the interview spot).

I’m so grateful to God for always showing up on my behalf. I can’t thank Him enough.

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