Victory Over Competition

Irene testifies of how God came through for her despite the plot of men. Hear her testimony.

I put in a bid for a contract to supply some paint for the painting project of a 14 room apartment owned by a certain family.

The mother of the family was also the boss who dispersed money for the project. One of her sons was the financier, he was resident overseas. Her younger son was the project engineer/site supervisor.

In the course of placing the bid, I volunteered to do a sample painting of one of the rooms at my own cost.

However, another bidding company indicated interest in the painting project and sent in its representatives, one of whom was a young lady.

Apparently, the project engineer found the lady attractive and he made promises to her.

I know the crux of my job very well and every idea I brought up was discarded by the project engineer. I perceived he was trying to ensure that the other bidding company was awarded the paint supply contract.

The project engineer continued to frustrate every step I took to win the contract.

In fact, some of my ideas were approved by the project engineer for implementation by the competitor to boost their chances.

Even when I opted to paint one of the rooms at my expense, the project engineer almost frustrated the idea until the mother gave me permission to go ahead.

Same project engineer also gave my competitor permission to paint a room as sample of its work (based on my idea) at the expense of the family.

As I cleaned the church last week Saturday, I lifted up my voice and told God that if I served Him with my time and money and people who did not know Him won the bid over me, it meant I was not serving Him enough and that if God acknowledged my little effort, He should get the contract for me.

I got people in my house fellowship to pray along with me.

When the elder and younger brothers inspected the rooms that were painted as samples by the competitor and I, there was some tension.

The younger brother tried to bring up different complaints about the room I painted but despite all that, the elder brother chose my sample, I won the bid and I got the contract.

I give God the glory and I encourage everyone working for God to put in their best because our labour of love shall never go unrewarded.

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