Victory Over Death

Good evening everyone and welcome to a special edition of #XLiving. We trust that His resurrection power is working in us as we discuss ‘Victory Over Death’.

Reality of the Christian life is built on the victory Jesus scored over Satan on the cross of Calvary. He who knew no sin became sin for us. After 3 traumatic hours on the cross, Jesus gave up the ghost (Rom 8:11). On the third day, the power of the Father raised Him from the dead. That power is the RESURRECTION POWER (Rom 8:11).

How to experience & enjoy that victory on a daily & consistent basis is what this message is all about.
When we accepted Christ as Lord & Savior, the nature of sin was destroyed on the inside of us (1 John 3:9). When that happened, we were freed from the law of sin & death.

Our world is governed by laws. There is the law of gravity in our physical world; it says what goes up must come down. It is universal in nature & operational everywhere on the face of the earth.

However, certain laws are superior to other laws. For example, the law of Aerodynamics defies the law of gravity. So, every single time we travel in an airplane or elevator, it defies the law of gravity.

Before we became Christians, the law of sin & death was operational in our lives because we were under sin & its consequences. In Christ, the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is in effect & it is superior to the law of sin & death.

The Holy Spirit is the power that backs and energizes the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. The basis of victory is knowledge & acceptance of the finished works (Rom. 6:3). Leveraging this knowledge is very important for us as Christians but there is a wide gap between knowledge & deeds.

So, have faith in the finished works of Christ and appropriate it into your life. You have victory in Christ.

That you don’t see a thing is not proof that it doesn’t exist. Christ said “…it is finished” and that is your reality. Our unbelief doesn’t nullify the reality of the power of God.

Therefore yield yourself to God (Rom. 6:13). This is a matter of choice anyway (Rom. 6:22). You have a choice how you want to live this life but you can live it extraordinarily in Christ.

If you want to make this choice, please say this prayer and mean it: “Jesus I accept you today as my Lord and Savior”.

Simple as ABC. Email us at for more help on how to live extraordinarily in Christ.
Enjoy the resurrection power today with the classic song above and always.

Do have an extraordinary Easter.

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