Walking Through The Valley Of Darkness

It was a blessed Thursday (last week) as I prepared for the day, I was my usual bubbly self. It turned out to be a day I won’t forget in a hurry as that was the day the Lord’s promise in Psalms 23:4 was fulfilled for me. David said, “…though I walk through the dark valley of death, because You are with me, I fear no harm…”

That Thursday started like every other day. I was going to get to Church by 5pm. My day’s activities had to be well scheduled. I did make it to Church around 5:00pm, got ready for a smooth service and by 6:00pm service started. We prayed for God’s presence, especially since the next day was the first day in the fabled ‘Ember’ months. I gave thanks for answered prayers. Service ended by 7:30pm and by 8:00pm I was on my way home.

A friend offered me a ride to where I was going to get a final connecting bus home. There were loads of people waiting to get the same connecting bus, the fare was doubled because of this. OMG! I didn’t have enough to pay but I knew from experience if I get to the next bus stop the fare would be normalized. However, I had to pass through a notoriously unsafe area to get to the next bus stop. I decided to venture through and told myself that “He that is in me is MUCH GREATER than he that is in the world”.

Halfway through, I noticed someone coming ridiculously fast behind me even though I was walking very fast myself. I sensed it was one of the notorious people of the area and I immediately started praying in tongues. Suddenly, I felt the urge to stop, even though the person walking behind me was now closer, and I stopped. He walked past me and as soon as I made to keep moving someone grabbed my backpack and shouted… “Give me your phone!”. I turned to see who it was and lo, it’s the same person that just walked past me. This time he was wielding a machete in his right hand while grabbing my backpack with his left.

Immediately I swung to my left with both hands forward to face my assailant squarely. As I swung, my hands got partly clasped, hit him and grabbed his cloth. I must mention that while all these was happening, I was still in the spirit, still speaking in tongues.

As soon as I faced him, he fell backwards, and I also fell backwards. Suddenly, an oncoming bus driver stopped, with the intention to rescue, he had witnessed the incident. My assailant got up immediately and ran into the bushes, I stood up to run, but on seeing the bus, I jumped inside. As soon as I got into the bus, I switched immediately into thanksgiving. “Thank you Lord!”

Wale’s testimony to God’s people is that, God really does protect His own people. Even when you are in the valley of darkness, His light would reach you, all you have to do is: BELIEVE!

We feel blessed, don’t you too? Why not share your testimony of God’s Miracle and bless someone today. Send your testimonies to testimony@whiteolive.org

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