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Greetings and welcome to WhiteOlive Academy. Like our saying goes “if you’ve not been to the academy, you’ve not been to WhiteOlive Christian Assembly”. We believe that “The WhiteOlive Transformation Process” is one that is clearly founded on the premise that there has to be an alignment between divinity and humanity, which is the crux of our anchor scripture; Eph 4: 11-14.

Our vision is to create a system that empowers influencers through spiritual & academic teachings & training.The strategy of the WhiteOlive Academy is divided into three parts; Discover, Develop and Deploy. Because information transforms people’s lives either positively or negatively depending on which, we want to be intentional about this.

The school is saddled with tasks within and beyond the church. In other words, to track development within our system, specialized modules, courses, seminars, coaching, mentoring programs, and case studies have been designed to suit individual interest. These are as follows: Membership, Foundation, ReachOut, Discipleship, and Engagement & Impact Courses. In addition, the leadership and mentoring training course -“The Exclusive Breed” ; training for those in service units in church – “The Musterpoint”, and the Expression Church ( Children’s church) – “Train the Teachers” are all in motion.

Beyond the church are focused expressions that have been developed and disseminated in form of training opportunities, empowerment programs for leadership, ministerial and apostolic assignments. These are: Skills Acquisition program, IT Empowerment, From Script to Screen ( a training on content producing), and Leadership Induction program.

Furthermore, we leverage on the Body of Christ by liaising with the wider community both within and outside of Nigeria. The GLS training ( This is in partnership with the GLS organisation in the USA) has been of immense benefit in all ramifications. I can tell you that every knowledge obtained here cascades down through our system annually. Exponential Conference, a training designed for church leaders and administrators by Elevation Church has been a constant game changer in reviewing and reforming our processes.

Physical and online methodologies are in the works. As it were, we are an intelligent church and we wouldn’t be marred by obscurity. We can certainly say that the above channels have been employed as a result of thorough and effective research mechanisms running in our system.

These are all we have set in motion and many more ahead by God’s grace.

To you “ King & Priest” I say welcome and extraordinary blessings!!! 

Pastor Tunder Adisa

Dear Olives,

As the WhiteOlive Academy resumes, we want to remind us that our classes will be both physical & virtual (online) so as to provide additional options.

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