We Die Here!? In The Market Place

His eyebrows arched in curiosity as the discussions heated up and various slangs and terms were thrown into the fray. He wasn’t sure why they were having all the fracas but somewhere at the back of his mind, he knew it was all because of the money in the offing. It was a market place drama like the mating dance of wild birds.

He’s always told himself to beware of putrid expletives arising from the quest to win, the desire to be the market king. He’s committed to the right attitude in words and in deed. Yet he realizes that he’s got to fight, stand his ground and keep pushing to rule the market place.

When he gained an understanding of the phrase “we die here”, it evoked the scene of King David’s warriors who stood their grounds and fought while their swords literally stuck to their hands. So imagine a couple of persons coming to help pry your sword or work tool from you after a period of passionate commitment to achieving a task or challenge that was before you.

“We die here” literally evokes die-hard commitment, can-do resilience, bring-it-on doggedness, and is-that-all-you’ve-got reaction. So just imagine a mixture of the “we-die-here” attitude and vision in the market place … Dare say, you’re bound to have an explosion of achievements, or maybe not? You must have a target and purpose to achieve anything with this fiery attitude, otherwise, your efforts will end in frustration and you will blame everything and everyone, including your village people for futile efforts.

When you get into your vehicle filled with all the doggedness and we-die-here attitude of generations past and posterity, and you have no destination or purpose, you get to a lot of places but nowhere tossed about like a reed in the wilderness, worn and burnt out.

This is not a call to a selfish determination, but to pursue your objectives and dreams with determination, sense and difference. Yes, the difference will drive you, make you outstanding and see the niche that others in the market place are yet to seek or find.

Determine to be a pacesetter. Some people need to shake themselves into it or have a eureka moment to realize they need to be dogged. While some were borne ready, wearing the bring-it-on look from the day they hit the ground.

Whatever category you fall into, be like the Boy Scouts, be prepared.

He left the meeting that day with a new information and language that he wasn’t sure he’d like to use for ethical and personal purposes. But he decided he’d be more creative with these new information and maintain his niche.

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