What A Year For Entrepreneurs!

The year 2017 is gradually winding down, and despite the economic wranglings that characterized the year; we are here. ‎We had prayed and hoped it would be a year of adventure in every aspect of our lives, including business. It was, indeed, a year of mixed feelings for many business people; and quite a number of businesses went under this year. They just couldn’t survive the very harsh economic realities that was the hallmark of this year.

As difficult as the year has been, a few businesses are still struggling to survive – keeping their head afloat. However, there is a minority that are thriving despite the recession; and growing in spite of the difficulties of doing business in our country.

This year, the country came out of recession (so we were told); it also improved on the ease-of-doing-business index. These were indicators of better and growing opportunities for enterprise development in our country.

As this year runs out and another begins, business people would do well to reflect on the gains and pains of the past year & the potentials of the coming year. If you lost a business or your business did not do well this year, pull yourself together; try again. Kick start differently this new year.

Entrepreneurship is still one of the greatest gifts that God gave humanity. It gives us an opportunity to be co-creators with God. Adding value to lives and improving on the quality of life in a profitable way – is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

If your business is just surviving, take out time to reflect on how to improve your systems/structures for the next year? If you’re doing well already, how do you consolidate your position and your market share? How do you scale your business to the global platform?

It’s certain that the new year will bring better opportunities for businesses both locally and internationally – are you ready for it? We need to plan for the opportunities next year. What you anticipate, is what you attract and eventually get.

Take yourself on a retreat or plan one with your team. Strategize for the new year, build your confidence, trust your team & believe God for a better 2018. Your results in the new year depend on what you truly expect and how much you put into it. Have great expectations for 2018 and you will experience real possibilities in your business.

4 thoughts on “What A Year For Entrepreneurs!”

  1. I am not yet an entrepreneur but I hope to be one someday. I however work in an accounting firm for a boss who is over 60years. I am always motivated by his drive and passion to get more contracts; to ensure that his employees are fine. He plans and strategizes, he seeks our (employee) input and is willing to get feedback. He encourages us to develop ourselves and sends opportunities our way.

    That is the kind of entrepreneur I want to be and possibly better than that. Even though the money is important, value added to life and business may just be the real product you need to make more profit.

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