What Drives Your Business?

Born into a poor family of 7 children, Eben struggled through his childhood. He was the first of the pack and a role model for his siblings. Hence, most of the time he was acting under pressure. He seemed to be in a race and struggle. Over time, it became part of him as he allowed performance define his person and his organization.

So when Eben started his business, the motive was obvious and it impacted negatively on him and his business as a whole. In chuch on a particular Sunday, his philosophy about life and business was questioned by the message preached by the Pastor.

He’s always believed that business is about profit and profit only. He had a difficult and disadvantaged upbringing and was motivated by the pain of his childhood to run far away from poverty as much as possible. It’s the reason, Eben wants to make profit at all cost even when his staff and customers are bruised, he would even discard his values in the process.

On this fateful day, the message preached by the pastor questioned the moral basis of his beliefs and philosophies. The Pastor’s words questioned the morality of his person, his family and the business he had built over time.

It’s the same experience for most entrepreneurs. We’re either running towards or away from something and these things shape our ideologies. Apart from the desire for revenue and profit, every organization should be driven by something bigger than money. It should be the very reason the business was started in the first place. Although somewhere along the line the motive becomes compromised, but it should be what drove the business up until that point. There is even a high tendency for the entrepreneur to forget the driver of the business and continue to focus on the bottom line.

Every business must be driven by the passion and desire to serve, to add value and improve the quality of life of everyone connected to it. Business is good service or value offered at a reasonable profit.

As we start another business year, let’s check the kind of energy that drives our businesses. It will really change everything. It will impact on how the business runs, how service is offered. The business will now have values and conscience.

In the end, Eben concluded he needed to make some significant changes in his personal life and business philosophies; in fact, major changes.


2 thoughts on “What Drives Your Business?”

  1. Lol! Just when I thought I should go into business to make profit (after all, the business is just to make and sell chin-chin) I read here that that motive is wrong.

    I have to do some more thinking then.

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