What is Your Inspiration?

Frank is the first of 7 children in his middle-class family. His family could conveniently afford basic things of life &, sometimes, a little more. In those days private schools were uncommon, like the saying “true ancestries are rare but descendants are common”. Few private schools existed in those days & fewer families attended because quality of public education system was better.

Frank & his siblings attended public primary schools and it was great. They all graduated from different colleges as qualified professionals eventually.

Frank loved his parents, particularly his father for his exemplary leadership. He was close to his father. He drew lots of inspiration from the man until he died suddenly from a protracted illness.

Frank remembers the stories his father shared with him about leaving his job to start a family business. He even registered the business but it did not see the light of day. Frank saw the pain of not being able to start the business in his dad’s eyes when the man was ill. He saw how the illness jeopardized his father’s dreams & plans & he was deeply touched. His father had made him a director of the company & that inspired him a lot & he wanted to help realize his father’s dream of building a great company. That inspired Frank greatly.

Immediately Frank finished his university education he proceeded to start a business. Every enterprise is a product of a dream in the heart of the entrepreneur & we all draw inspiration from those dreams. Frank was determined to build a great business to the memory of his father from the moment he ventured into business. It’s what he was living for & he would not accept anything short of a business empire in the memory of his father.

As an entrepreneur, what is your inspiration, where do you draw your inspiration from? Especially when the business isn’t doing as well as expected or when you go through interestingly low seasons.

Passion is fantastic for business & anything we want to do but there is a time when passion is not enough. In such times, we need to be inspired & energized by deeper reasons more than just making money. The memory of Frank’s dad was his inspiration in business. For somebody else, it may be the desire to see people employed. For some others, it’s desire to end poverty around them & to help their family gain financial prosperity. Still, others draw inspiration from the desire to build a great economy & a prosperous nation.

You need new inspiration, especially if you’re losing steam & energy in business or if you’re discouraged. Anytime things don’t go as planned, Frank prayed hard, drew inspiration from the memory of his father & pushed on harder.

Frank is such an inspiration today considering the business he’s built & size of philanthropy he does. Entrepreneurs need strength from deep in their spirit because spirituality is very good for business. Let God inspire you.

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  1. Great article. Really just got inspired again. It is not easy to keep pushing. But messages like this can only tell u to drive on. Thank u pastor T. I am not there yet…but I am growing everyday and becoming more inspired by ur vision.

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