What’s The Big Idea?

November 22nd was celebrated in the United States as Thanksgiving Day! This is a holiday and it isn’t dependent on whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated in the month of October. Another country, another date, the same occasion. It is a national holiday not dependent on religion.

History has it that, in America, the celebration started as an occasion to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. In Canada, it started as an occasion to give thanks for a bountiful harvest and other blessings of the past year. So, does this mean we should give thanks only on a special day of the year?

In Nigeria, most churches hold a thanksgiving service every first or last Sunday of the month. They thank God for all He has done in the past month and pray for the new month. Should we then wait only till a special day to give thanks? Or perhaps we should wait till we get to church before doing it?

1 Thessalonians 5:8 says, “In every situation [no matter what the circumstances] be thankful and continually give thanks to God; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

The month of November is coming to an end. Perhaps you are counting the things you have achieved or maybe feeling pressured about the things you are yet to achieve. Or maybe you’re waiting till the end of the year to know whether 2018 was good to you or not.

What’s your big idea about Thanksgiving? Should Nigeria as a country adopt a special day to give thanks? Suggest a day and the reason why we should.

Watch this space for #womanwednesday coming up same time tomorrow #ThankfulTuesday

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