When The Saints Go By!

While in the university, Ifeyinwa ensured she dated only the rich guys. Even when they treated her like dirt, she didn’t care. For her, follow the money was the ko-ko. She had been in the school fellowship choir but she secretly loved the badass parties the rich kids threw.

She wanted so badly to be rich and so ensured she was a part of their lifestyle, even though it was against everything her parents taught her.

She would sneak out of school so no one would notice and join their parties. She got drunk a couple of times and did things she regretted but she felt that was a small price to pay for wealth.

School passed and “corpershun” took over. As usual, she volunteered in the NYSC fellowship. Since serving in Osun State was a step away from her plans! She had prayed so hard to get Abuja or even Port Harcourt but God sent her to a different location. This didn’t deter her as she scanned for the wealthy guys in camp. It was not hard to notice; they usually don’t eat at the cafeteria but at Mami market and spent a lot so they often moved with a crowd.

She singled out Abdul. He was tall and good-looking, plus an easy prey as he was in the same platoon with her. She ensured she was always by his side on the field and in any activity he volunteered in. Soon, they became the talk of the batch as their relationship grew, she was so good at manipulating that she was able to convert him from being a Muslim to a Christian – she knew her parents won’t agree if he wasn’t a Christian.

Service ended and they both got jobs back in Lagos. Yes, she ensured he moved back to Lagos where she grew up, though he originally lived in Jos.

Unfortunately, the money didn’t flow the way it used to on camp and Abdul could not meet up with her demands anymore. One day, she complained about her phone being bad and demanded he changed it before the week runs out or the relationship was over.

Abdul could not understand why she was being difficult. He had a good job, even better than hers but he could not spend all of his salaries on a phone just because his girlfriend wanted that particular one. He also was not going to ask his parents for cash except it was about a life-and-death issue as he wanted to prove to them that he was a man now.

True to her words, Ify ended the relationship and moved on. She was also not going to waste time on a man that could not meet her demands.

Eight years down the line, she was a manager in a fast-moving consumer goods company. She was also an usher in one of the prestigious churches on the island.

She didn’t mind the time it took for her to leave the mainland daily to attend church on the island, all she cared about was the fact that the rich and famous attended that church.

Tick-tock, time was going fast and all her friends were married and having babies. She had been approached by a fellow church worker – Ovie. Ovie had asked for her hand in marriage straight up but she told him to give her some time, saying she was praying and believing in the Lord to approve of him before accepting. Truth is: she was digging for his history to know how wealthy he or his family were. When she found out he was from an average home, she bluntly refused his hand in marriage with the excuse that he didn’t have a decent job and she could not marry someone without a steady income. She didn’t see deeper – he had just recently quit his job to start his own tech company.

Today, Ify is in her mid-30s, still searching for her Mr Wealthy. Abdul is happily married, living in Abuja and running a multi-million dollar oil company. His wife is the choir director in a church they both attend. Ovie’s tech company was listed as one of the fast-growing tech companies in Nigeria with a staff strength of 105.

Ify, on the other hand, is not in a relationship and searching for a new job as she had a bad reputation in her workplace for dating her partner who was married but very rich. She was also known as trying too hard to belong in the rich circle.

Do you think Ifeyinwa was wrong to want something more from life – a good life or she just didn’t understand the seasons?

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