When You Lose Steam

“Is it true sir, that it takes about 10 years to build a credible brand?” Ademar asked his mentor. “I cannot verify that, but I know it takes lots of time, energy and dedication to build a strong business”, replied Dr. Clear.

‎Dr. Clear slammed the door of his car. He parked beside Ademar’s car, both were in the parking lot of a supermarket. ‎The nickname ‘Dr. Clear’ was given to him by his friends which is synonymous to his clearing & forwarding business. They’ve always joked that he could clear ANYTHING. 🙂

Ademar had approached Dr Clear about 2 years ago asking for counsel when he (Adarmar) was about to start his business. The relationship had developed into a full mentoring one. ‎”So what do you do when you get tired, frustrated or discouraged in the process of building your enterprise?” asked Ademar. “It’s beginning to look like I’m up against the whole world”. I am so tired, I haven’t even paid last month’s salaries” continued Ademar.

Dr Clear gave him a stare and smiled, “I know that feeling” he replied calmly, “…well, I think it will go away soon. You’re passing through a phase. For me, business is not a sprint, you know? It’s a marathon. You’ll be doing this for a long time, if Jesus tarries.” Dr Clear added. “I once had a similar challenge when I started my business. I had to a take a break to clear my head and reduce the pressure. So you need to prepare for the long haul. During that period, I had to reduce pressure by cutting my overheads to lower my costs.”

“You may need to change your business model if you’ve been struggling with the current one for some time. It shows something is not working in your current model; you’ll need to change to something that’s new & effective.” Ademar motioned to Dr. Clear, “Let’s have a seat, sir”.

“Then, set newer, small incremental goals that you can measure weekly.” Dr. Clear continued. “I really worked hard Ademar, because I didn’t have a plan B to return to. It just had to work by all means! Take a break or have a retreat for a few days. You can’t make good decisions with a crowded mind”. Ademar noded in agreement. “Then take a critical look at your business again and decide what exactly is the need for now. Sometimes, YOU may be the problem”

Ademar interjects, “I will need to ‎build stamina; my staying power has dwindled… I read something about “Grit” in a book. “Yes, you need stamina. You can’t afford to quit anytime soon, even when things don’t go as planned; so much opportunities for you out there!”

“Finally, I’ll encourage you to visualize your new success, it has a way of controlling & guiding your actions & expectations”. Dr Clear guided Ademar into the supermarket as they talked some more. Ademar had so much to think about.

“See the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up on the good works to start cutting corners for a short-cut to success. The only way for you to go is up when you keep at what you’re doing well. Do you remember the assurances to the man whose skills make ways for him and the man diligent in all his ways that sits with kings?”

So, a combination of skill, strategy, grit and grace will take you there! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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